Lukashenko: the death penalty may be replaced by life imprisonment


"To solve this problem, we need to hold a referendum," — said Alexander Lukashenko.

In an interview with German journalists, excerpts of which leads BelTA, Belarusian leader noted that since then, when the death penalty was to consolidate the results of the referendum, the position of the people has not changed.

Lukashenko recalled in Belarus carried out a series of activities to "try something people turn to European values."

Lukashenko said that Belarus in parallel with the use of the death penalty to life imprisonment. "Basically, we apply a life sentence, well, if not a blatant crime against humanity", — assured the journalists head of state.

"Most likely, in this plane will lie we abolish the death penalty, because it is, as an alternative to the death penalty, life imprisonment. So maybe one day we will build a policy that the courts will not apply themselves here this cruel punishment "- promised Aleksandar Lukashenko.

Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty.

April 29 2010 The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe suspended contacts with Belarus due to "lack of progress" in the country's compliance with the standards of the Council of Europe.

According to the defenders of the proclamation of independence in 1991, the death sentences were issued more than 400.


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