Magnitsky death: U.S. Congressman wants visa sanctions

A year ago, in pre-trial detention center in Moscow, in the so-called Butyrskaya, lawyer Sergei Magnitsky died.

As the lawyer Magnitsky's family and human rights activists, the cause of his death was an official refusal to send a seriously ill prisoner to hospital treatment.

In September, the This year, in the U.S. Congress introduced a bill that involves the introduction of visa sanctions against 60 Russian officials, which the U.S. Congress has been implicated in Magnitsky's death and to the case of official corruption, which was trying to publish this lawyer.

Magnitsky, born in 1972, worked as a tax specialist in the British law firm Fireston Duncan. He defended the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management in the court against the fund if a case was brought about tax evasion.

In October 2008 Magnitsky gave evidence which indicated that investigators seized documents and stamps of this fund have been used in a criminal scheme re-registration of some firms to new owners and illegal tax refund in the amount of 23 million dollars. Rather than start the investigation of this testimony, the government in November 2008, Magnitsky was arrested and accused him of failing to pay taxes.

In the latest edition of the American bimonthly Foreign Policy David J. Kramer, executive director of the human rights organization "Freedom House" wrote last week that the Russian authorities to symbolically spit on the grave of Sergei Magnitsky was to promote the Interior Ministry officers who were involved in the conclusion of a lawyer and a corrupt scheme, which he tried to expose.

"In a speech in August, Medvedev lamented that his anti-corruption campaign gives meager results" — Kramer writes in Foreign Policy. — "Magnitsky case strongly suggests that agencies such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and others, challenged the president or, less likely, that the rhetoric is not Medvedev more than rhetoric. "

Senator Ben Cardin, who is the sponsor of the bill to ban the entry of the United States for 60 Russian officials involved in the Magnitsky case, calls on the EU, Canada and other countries, them to join this visa sanctions.

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