Malady parrot yes repeatedly questioned


Mogilev in Belarus activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Valentine Lobachova repeatedly questioned the local policeman Arthur Bolotnicov. The policeman sought answers to questions related to the intentions of the activist to November 6 share with white-red-and-white logo.

Lobachyov"The district has caused me to re-write the record of. The same protocol has already been accounted for by me on November 6, when detained. He did not explain why he is another poll. He also told me that my case is considered by the Leninsky police department, and that I might be arrested up to three days. Later, however, said there was nothing I will not. I even told the policeman that I told the guys with me were detained, he is waiting for them, too. If you do not come, they will have problems. "

November 6 eighteen Valentine Lobachyov and two of his friends arrested by the security services, who were guarding the palace area in Mogilev gymnastics. It was then that he was visited by Alexander Lukashenko. The guys were going to pick up on a few balloons white-red-white flags, to be able to see those who came to the opening of the sports facilities.

The police detained Valentine Lobachova more than three hours. He seized a few balloons and flags.


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