Man Ray

Man Ray was a society in the art of the original, as well as many talented painters but unteachable left.

Learn to prevent such people exaggerated idea of his own genius and left-wing ideas that prompted them to overthrow the world.

With perakulvannya Art Man Ray and began by joining the "Dada" — (nonsense) of marginal antymastatskaga direction, which set the goal (no more, no less) to destroy European culture through the expansion of art and aesthetics of destruction. (By the way, now it is effectively done by others).

The revolutionary anti-art lasted six years (1916 to 1922), leaving a conscious examples of delirium. But nonetheless, in this short period of "big wave" Man Ray had to jump in there and after the disappearance of the "wave" along with other "drowned" pestered "surrealism".

No one knows what would have ended it acts unrealized artist Man Ray had no interest in photography. Photo art has made him a recognized name (and not only among the modernists). Man Ray mastered the techniques of classical photography (this is seen by some of his works), but having a penchant for surrealism and modernist judging categories, carried away by technicians, who, he believed, gave him a great opportunity to influence the image of a photo.

Photographer perfectly the psevdasalyaryzatsyyu. Many of the interesting and beautiful photos zroblena just in this technique. While the photographer in most uses only the initial stages of solarization, which do not lead to a significant change of the image, but nonetheless, give the authentic reality of a specific "Sur".

Photo number 1

Photo number 1 (Untitled), which I quote here in the exposure as I think, one of the most beautiful images of the modern women's photographer. The image and graphics are great. While salyaryzatsyya here practically only outlined (hand, the sharp outline of the neck, chin and face), but does not start and only just emerged zasvetka overall appearance. It madeon the image plane and tonally "gathered" in her whole image. As an artist Man Ray knows that in order to emphasize the depth of black tones, background must be not white but slightly gray. Otherwise, ink does not "fit" and will be "pulled" from unity.

Here, Man Ray's very simple means to create beautiful graphic modern portrait, devoid of any details of naturalism and alive at the same time, photo. The emphasis on the beauty of the image the eyes, glare and styling hair, the lines of the chin, cheeks, nose, neck and lips. The skin is not visible, it is not even guess, but all the lines beautifully emphasized and contrasted simulated.

The woman in the photo — it's one of the regulars nudes photographer. He put models in different clothes of different eras, he shot them in different hairstyles, etc. This collaborative creative process. A beautiful face in the photo is associated with the age of the Italian Renaissance and Art Nouveau 1920 at the same time.

Photo number 2

Photo number 2 (also untitled) is just typical of solarization Man Ray. The image is not radically altered, Underline only a rough outline (formed by blurred lines with the combination of solarization with bas-relief) and amended hair (practically excluded from the image). One can only look at a mask-statuettes. But it is alive, it is a photograph. While we pay attention to what the photographer did with the eyes of nature (perhaps shot through a red filter or apply touch-up), giving the appearance of the mysterious strangeness of expression.

As you can see, the approaches Man Ray in his photographic surrealism just formal. But they are built on the aesthetics, according to the laws of beauty. This, plus the ability and good taste photographer, took him to an altitude of art photography, although the Man Ray was worried that did not become an artist and has always stressed that he is not a photographer and artist working in photography.

Man Ray — it acquired the name of the photographer. His real name is Emmanuel Radnitski. His parents — Belarusian Jews, at the end of XIX century, emigrated to America. There also were named Ray.

(Photos from the photo album peraznyatyya: Man Ray. Unconcerned but not indifferent. Publisher La Fabrica (without the year and place of publication.)

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