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June 17, 2012 6:36

Mantra — is sacred words, we can say "hymns" in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mantra in Sanskrit means — an instrument of thought, means of transmission of thought. mantra when pronouncing require accurate reproduction of sounds, of which they are composed. Every sound, word, syllable mantra has profound sacred significance. Therefore, it is important the correct their pronunciation. mantra — an appeal to the gods of Hinduism, glorification of natural phenomena (such as the mantra of the rising sun).

But basically the mantra used to refer to the gods. But mantras are different from the prayers that, pronouncing them, as a man tries to identify himself with the god, with that of his alter ego, which is marked in the mantra. And after identifying the person receives the necessary quality or changes in life that he wanted to get through the mantra.

Mantras tune man on a certain state, and as a result his life begins to change. There is a healing mantra, the mantra of wealth, prosperity, good luck, success, love, mantra, mantras, knowledge, enlightenment, etc.

Also different from the usual mantra prayers that consist almost entirely of the names of deities. Therefore, when pronouncing the person and set up on the energy of a particular deity, merging with it.
More often than not reading mantras during meditation. The most significant number of repetitions will be the number 108. The most active "mantristy" read the mantra a thousand times or more. But in principle, will be enough to read the mantra any multiples of 9. To make the process more clear mantra, disciplined use of sandalwood beads or rudraksha, as well as other species. These beads are called "small." Rosary contain 108 beads, and one large bead — "Measure". Read beads needed, from the "measure", and move on — one on Matri bead. After reaching the "measure", rosary turn and proceed from there, going "back". Pass through a "measure" is impossible, since is that the rotation of beads will spin the "wheel of samsara," and that in Buddhism and Hinduism are trying to avoid — to get rid of samsara.
When pronouncing, mantras should induce the human effect fluctuations — every sound is a mantra in response to the internal organs, cells, causing a beneficial effect. Mantras are usually not spoken, but sung. in this case, the state should be a joyful, pleasant, sublime.
The following are examples of mantras for different occasions.
1) universal mantra.
a) OM — TRIYYAMBAKAM — YADZHAMAHE — Sugandha — Pashto — vardhanam — URVARUKAMIVA — BANDHANAN — MRITIYOR — MUKSHIYYA — MAMRITAT (mantra for health, protection against accidents and diseases. gives a happy mood, love, happiness, improve existing relationships, helping to meet his love)
b) OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA (mantra god Ganesha. Bestows success in business, prosperity in all the purity of thoughts and intentions)
c) Om Namah MAHADEVAYYA (mantra for union with God. cleared of all the negatives in your life path. Encourages the protection of guardian angels to protect against enemies)
d) OM GAM GANAPATAYE Sarva VIGHNA Rice SARVAYE Sarva Gurawa Lamba Darayya HRIM GAM Namaha (a mantra to gain great riches, and also brings joy, love and happiness)
2) mantras for wealth:
a) AUM MAHALAKSHMYAY vidmahe VISHNUPRIYAYAY DHEEMAHI Tanno PRACHODAYYAT LAKSHMI (Goddess Lakshmi Mantra. Bestows luxury good position in society, promotion, wealth).
b) OM AMD DREAM DRAUM MAR SHUKRAYE Namaha (a mantra that helps to increase material wealth, and the acquisition of spiritual wealth)
c) OM — HRIM — KSHIM — SRIM — SRI — LAKSHMI — NRISINHAYE — Namaha (a mantra that brings success, wealth and prosperity)
d) OM — RINDZHAYYA — Chamunda — DHUBHIRAMA — RAMBHA — TARUVARA — Chadi — Jada — Jai — YAHA — DEKHATA — AMUKA — X — SABA — HORNS — PARAYYA — OM — SHLIM — HUM — PHAT — Svaha — AMUKI — RADZHODOSHA — NASHAYYA ( this mantra includes the names of all the gods of wealth. Therefore mantra will help you get rich, bestows prosperity and well-being)
3) mantras help in love affairs:
a) AUM DZHALAVIMVAYYA vidmahe NILE-purusaya DHEEMAHI Tanno Varun PRACHODAYYAT (this mantra will help to strengthen the feelings between man and woman, to cement relationships)
b) OM SRI krsnaya govindaya Gopijana VALABHAYYA namah (mantra for those who want to find a soul mate, find love)
c) OM SRI — krsnaya — Namaha (Manta, dedicated to Krishna. Gives love for all things, allows you to experience the universal love vsepronikayuschuyuyu)
d) OM KLIM KAMA DEHI Svaha Om Om MITRA MITRA aham aham PREYMA PREYMA (mantra, reinforcing the love and passion in a relationship)
4) mantra for health:
a) AUM SRI SIVA Gaya Gaya ADI ADI ADI CALI Gayan Kala Bhairava odds namah (mantra that helps get rid of any form of addiction — alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. Read more on the waning moon)
b) OM Brama BRIM BRAUM MAR BUDHAYE NAMA (mantra that helps attain good health)
c) OM BHAYKANADZE BHAYKANADZE Maha Ratna BHAYKANADZE Samui GATE Svaha (mantra with a very strong healing effect. When reading it, imagine how the disease fades, dissolves and leaves)
5) protective mantra and have cleaning effect:
a) AUM APAVITRO Pavitra VA SARVAVASTHAN GATOPIVA Ya ISMARED pundarikaksam CA VAHIYYA ABYANTAR SUCHIH AUM (this mantra very well clears the field of your life. All the negative becomes positive, purified)
b) GATE — GATE — Poro — GATE — Poro — COM — GATE — Bodhi — Svaha (very strong protective mantra)

Added by:

Maha-mantra — Great Mantra

  Mach — Great.

Mantra — Liberation of the mind.

 Transcendental vibration, resulting from repeated Mantra:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

Word Hara — A form of treatment to the energy of the Lord,

and Krishna and Frame — Forms of addressing the Lord Himself.

And Krishna and Frame, both names mean "the highest pleasure"

and Hara — Is the supreme pleasure energy of the Lord, in the vocative case takes the form of Hare. Supreme pleasure potency of the Lord helps us to reach him.

 This sublime method reviving our transcendental consciousness. As living eternal souls, we are all — initially unconscious Krishna being, but now our minds polluted material atmosphere, since the dawn of time we come into contact with matter. Financial climate in which we now live, is called maya that is an illusion. Word Mayameans "that which is not."

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