Medvedev has called for volunteers to join the fight against fires in Siberia

 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urges Russians to join the fight against fires, sweeping the Siberian Federal District.

Abnormally hot and dry weather, which is the third month kept SFO caused severe forest fires. According to MOE on Saturday evening, in Siberia operates 99 fire on a total area of over 15 hectares.

"This problem is common. Worldwide without volunteer fire brigades, nothing happens. If people themselves, especially in small towns, are not ready to fight the fire, no state is not to win. Need to do this at the system level, to invest in technology, education, and, finally, to behave like a human being, not a pig, "- said Medvedev, answering questions railroad, which met in Omsk, in the day of their professional holiday.

The Prime Minister noted with regret that so many fires are due to the fact that people plant fires.

"In this sense, all need to be extremely careful," — he said.

The prime minister said that in the forests the responsibility of all, "not just a guide, the Emergencies Ministry."

"The causes of fires are often known — human intervention. Though if you take the current situation in Siberia, it is certainly abnormal. Decades was nothing like this," — said Medvedev. He reported that on Sunday sent to Tomsk by rail.

"By asking some focus, but the situation remains difficult," — Medvedev said, noting that at a recent meeting, held under his direction, meteorologists reported that in August, do not wait for the rains. At the same time, the Prime Minister said that if it were not taken in 2010, efforts to increase the fleet of aircraft with the purchase of the B-200, IL-76, the situation would be more complicated.

"We do not at least have some very serious consequences, such as those we have, unfortunately, been in 2010, that is, we have a fire does not destroy the scale settlements, yet they learned to protect and massage technique is used including aircrafts, "- said Medvedev.

He expressed the hope that "the heavy band to Siberia in the next 2-3 weeks will end."

"Until then, you have to be vigilant. Here I am right now after our meeting, I will go to Tomsk, and just there to talk about the aftermath," — said Medvedev.

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