Michael Jackson died from overwork



In Los Angeles in the courtroom of Michael Jackson's personal physician, said that before the death of Michael gone without sleep for a full 60 days. It turns out that more than two months, Jackson took propofol, and anesthetics to overcome insomnia, as was going to recover and return to the world of show — business.

However, under the influence of drugs Jackson only felt well rested, in fact, his dream was very superficial. So the doctor is sure that Michael died not because of an overdose of sedative drugs, but because of lack of sleep and relaxation. "If you eat dinner instead of cellulose pellets — your stomach will be full and you will not be hungry, but your body does not receive any of the calories it needs to recuperate and fully operational. The same goes for sleep "- said the doctor.

Scientists around the world about the need to sleep in solidarity — restful sleep is vital to our body! Especially in the required rest need people whose body is weakened illness or physical exertion, since sleep is not only refreshing, but also restores vital resources.

REM sleep is characterized by increased activity of the brain during this period of time we have dreams and the subconscious is automatically cleared of unnecessary information. Scientists believe that this process occurs at the base of the brain, in an area that experts call a "bridge." It turns out that if this damage is a critical part of the brain occurs immediate death of the whole organism. However, in clinical practice have been several cases where people had survived a similar trauma and live quite a normal life, except for the fact that their sleep is no longer fails when the rapid phase.

For example, an Israeli researcher Peretz Lavie long time watching the life of his patient, who lost REM sleep as a result of a traumatic brain injury. However, this does not appear on any of his health nor on his personal life. He successfully graduated from law school and later became the editor of the newspaper in Tel Aviv.


S. Vasilenko

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