Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation issued a draft law on the Arctic

The draft federal law on the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation published on Wednesday on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development, which, according to the bill, will be the coordinator and authorized federal development in the Arctic.

Expert opinions on the draft Regional Development by 29 January 2013. The main instrument of strategic socio-economic planning bill establishes the State program (or strategy) of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, which must be valid for eight years.

The law establishes a mandatory state environmental review documentation of business activities, which may have a negative impact on the environment. The law prescribes on a "presumption of environmental hazards of the proposed activity."

The draft law prohibits privatization of airlines in the Arctic, and also provides for the temporary closure of some areas of the aircraft in order to prevent negative impacts on the environment. Do not use to travel across the tundra and forest tundra outside road of mechanized transport in violation of land cover.

Shipping services in the Arctic should be implemented with the priority use of the Russian courts, which must carry at least 70% of all goods.

The bill provides for state support of transport, industrial and energy infrastructure, research, science, technology and innovation, the main directions of state investment policy, particularly the regulation of labor relations and the implementation of government social policy in the Arctic region.

Development of territorial planning schemes municipalities subjects and the Russian Federation as a whole should take into account the development of the Arctic Zone and subject to the state program of development of the Arctic zone, the bill states.

We also establish the legal regime of the Russian individuals and legal entities in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, adjacent to the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (Archipelago has a special status: the economic activities carried out here Norway and Russia, with the island of Spitsbergen Russian settlement — the settlement of Barentsburg).

Affirmed the right of citizens of the Russian Federation and registered legal entities in Russia to conduct economic activities in the exclusive economic zone around Svalbard. Citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation, legally registered in Svalbard have the rights to perform the development resources of the continental shelf of the archipelago, the bill states.

The law prohibits the interference of foreign countries in economic activity on Svalbard Russian individuals and legal entities, carried out in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation.

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