MIR.Igry Gods 8, 4-6/9

Project GAME OF THE GODS — It is consistently growing series of films in the genre of journalism, the theme of the study of ancient and modern Slavic-Aryan culture. Each film series has a specific theme, and builds on the authors' encounters with people Veda and other sources.
Project GAME OF THE GODS — Is creative meetings, lectures, workshops, public views to the discussion of movies and other cultural events that promote recovery of the natural potential acheloveka.
Project participants GAME OF THE GODS — it creatively active devotees who live in different cities and countries, studying the heritage of their ancestors and the native cultures reviving their specific business.
The aim of the project GAME OF THE GODS — To draw attention to the resources of the human inner world, learn, explore, and make known to the knowledge and experience of our ancestors Shchurov and recovery capabilities for the ascent to spiritual evolution. Also, learn how to use the accumulated experience of thousands of everyday life.

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