Misinformation Kremlin before June 22, 1941

Misinformation Kremlin before June 22, 1941

One of the most popular stories of the Russian Federation and by the second world war — is the question of what happened on June 22? There are many answers, some of them — the Kremlin was the victim of massive disinformation campaign undertaken by the German secret services. According to this version, Stalin before the start of the war was in the belief that large-scale war in 1941, will not be. His confidence is automatically extended to all military and political control of the country, who had a different outlook — left him in for yourself.

In Berlin, knew that cover such a large-scale movement of troops would be unrealistic because decided not to hide it. But still for a long time before she launched a strong campaign of disinformation, which previously had no equal in scale. To realize this campaign has been specifically issued a directive of the Supreme Command of the German Armed Forces (OKW). In the "information war" took the role of private Adolf Hitler, Reich propaganda minister Ribbentrop, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs E. Weizsacker, managing director of the presidential office of the Fuhrer O. Meissner, the higher ranks of the Wehrmacht.

Main events:

— In the society have been thrown a few clarifications troop transport: In order to preserve the main force before landing operation against Great Britain, from Royal Air Force strikes, conduct of reorganizing them, the mental pressure on the management of the USSR on the eve of principled negotiation.

— Intensive preparations were dismissed reports of amphibious operations against the UK, developed plans for operations against British forces in Africa, Persia, India. June 12 held a disinformation operation: in the issue of the newspaper "Volkischer Beobachter" Goebbels published an article entitled "Crete as an example," she hinted that the British will repeat the fate of the island of Crete. It is also confiscated by order of Hitler, Goebbels on the "fallen disgrace," the newspaper population has not got, and foreign embassies have received it. "Performance" has caused a real sensation in Germany and abroad, in London, becoming the main theme.

— For all plausible channels: diplomats, neutral government, the media, through the "double" agent, at the official level, etc., Berlin gave the message that the world is saved. Or, in the latter case, if there is a border conflict, it will try to solve the Berlin diplomatic means.

— Managing the presidential office of Otto Meissner, he was one of the closest people Fuhrer, constantly met with Russian Ambassador to Germany V.Dekanozovym and urged that Hitler will soon graduate from the development of proposals for further negotiations between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union and the Russian government to give them. The same information conveyed in the Russian embassy Latvian journalist, a "double" agent O. Berlings ("Lyceum student"), he worked in Berlin.

Tossed up information on the likely requirements Berlin's for future cooperation with the USSR. For example: a long-term lease on the black soil of Ukraine to solve the food prepyadstviya Germany, the joint development of oil fields in Azerbaijan (for Reich issue of fuel had tremendous value.) In the area of foreign policy: Berlin hinted at talks about the ability of transferring Wehrmacht divisions through the terrain Russian Union for the war with England in Persia and India. It became another prerequisite for explaining the cluster of German troops on the border with the Union.

— For example, May 14, 1941, Hitler sent a personal letter to Stalin in which he explained the presence of Russian border forces such huge need "to organize troops far from the eyes of British and due to nedavneshnimi operations in the Balkans. " He assured that all the rumors of an attack — not true, do not yield to provocations of London, promising that from June 15-20 to begin the withdrawal of troops. Warned that some generals of the Wehrmacht can go to the provocations inspired by the British, and asked not to react to them. After completing the letter by saying: "I look forward to meeting in July. I sincerely yours, Adolf Hitler. "

— After the article "Crete as an example of" Berlin, "silent", so that after a few days hit. And he did not respond to a message from TASS June 14.

In general, the military and political control of Germany showed great skill, the plan failed, in Moscow until recently believed that Reich do not knock. But Hitler went on an adventure, for which Germany and the Germans had to pay a huge price.

At the current time, NATO and the United States repeated ways of the Third Reich, before the impact is always information-psychological treatment and management of the country's population-the "victim". A good example — the deployment of a missile defense system and the new U.S. bases closer to the Russian Federation, with the campaign that it was "against Iran," to "protect" and so on …

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