MOE announced a fire emergency in the Lipetsk region

Emergency Management Lipetsk warns fire emergency in the region because of the intense heat and asks people not to inflame the fires and burning garbage, said in a Wednesday statement department.

Temperature in August is expected in the Lipetsk region for three to five degrees above normal. On certain days of the month the temperature rises to the level of plus 37. Rainfall will then be lower than usual.

"In the forecast period, the expected weather conditions, consistent with the fourth class of fire hazard (high fire danger), and on some days — the fifth class (extreme fire danger)," — said in a statement.

Due to the threat of fires Lipetsk rescuers turned to the public asking them not to plant fires or burn garbage.

To monitor the situation with fires in GUMCHS An operative headquarters, which operates around the clock.

In neighboring Voronezh region wildfires destroyed in 2010, about 20,000 acres of forest. Burned 309 homes and 800 outbuildings in 21 settlements. Homeless were 720 people (359 families), six people were killed. Damage from the fire was about 1.5 billion rubles.

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