Mogilev: Authorities promised to help Belarusian schools

To promote the opening of the Belarusian-language classes in Mogilev promises to local authorities. Deputy Mayor Igor Shardyko led, however, the vertical position of the city in this issue the availability of appropriate initiatives by parents. According to the official, whiteRussian language Mogilev demand.

Shardyko: "At the beginning of this school year in the city did not have any classes with the Belarusian language learning. There was a demand of parents, and opened the Belarusian-class. If wishing and next will be considered the question of the possible existence of such classes. Authorities are interested in solving this issue. "

In the first class, the only Belarusian-language schools to learn the Mogilev three kids. Their parents are busy looking to study in this class. They pasting ads, give advertisements in newspapers and on television. Will soon begin to go to schools and distribute leaflets with an invitation to the Belarusian-language class. Official statements pleased parents. Now, says the mother of one of the students of Hope Solovyov, we have an opportunity to address certain officials with our concerns.

Igor Shardyko is deputy chairman of the executive committee since August 2010. Previously, he worked in the Mogilev State University named Kuleshov. In the executive committee, he oversees issues of ideology, education and culture. He is a candidate of historical sciences.

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