Mogilev: The last attempt to get to the polling station commissions

November 10 October Mogilev Court will consider three complaints on the formation of election commissions. Left Party "Fair World" movement "BPF" Rebirth "and the NGO" Mogilev Rights Center "through the courts will seek to include their representatives in the committee.

The applicants accuse the administration of the October district of violating the election law and the Constitution in the formation of commissions. In 69 district election commissions stood 31 opposition of the four organizations.

"None of the representatives of civil society administration has not included. Included were only representatives of public organizations, which, according to the shipping instructions executive committee appointed for the purpose of fabricating election results and deceive voters," said Chairman of the Mogilev-rights center Vladimir Kravchenko.

The reasons for non-inclusion in the Commission administration opposition called the lack of relevant work experience, a pension

Power once again wants to provide elegant victory

the age of the nominees, as well as the lack of a permanent job. To check, officials kept the same criteria in the selection of other candidates in the commission, prosecutors have made to the court required them to give a more complete information about the members of the commission.

"We want to see if there doubled standards, so we demanded more information: who is running, have had experience in the commissions before and who have age. We are also interested in the fact that commissions are established according to the principle of the production. Someone in the commission — from the management of the enterprise and those who are directly responsible to him for the service, "said human rights activist, Boris Buhel.

Court had consider four complaints, but one of them has withdrawn the chairman of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Vladimir Shantsev. Why?

"People do not include the mass in the commission, and to fight for something that one of them turned on, there is no point. Meaning may be the same: either they include all or none. Authority once again wants to provide elegant victory. Participate in their games I do not intend to. "

By the way, the only representative of the opposition groups in the Mogilev region, which included the territorial commissions, namely UCP. On the question of whether the party organization is going after the non-inclusion of mass opposition in election commissions to withdraw it from the Regional Electoral Commission, Mr. Shantsev said he was not going to.

As for the complaints to the court opposition, the November 8 three of their complaint Leninsky court Mogilev is not satisfied. Three complaints were dissatisfied and Krychau District Court on November 9. The decisions of these courts are not subject to appeal under.


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