Monetary allowances for recruits increment in 2012

Allowance for recruits will increase in 2012"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published Dec. 28 decision of the government of the Russian Federation, in which will contain a list of the salaries and benefits, planned for next year for the conscripts.

This document contains a sample post for the fighter and sergeants. These numbers allow read at least a doubling of "conscription" increase. For example: the ordinary shooter, which now receives about 500 rubles per month, from January next year will receive only position 1000.

It can be called a basic indicator. For a variety of specialties and grades of staff it can grow. Private, which will run the service as a driver, gunner or rocket launcher will be able to count on the amount already in 1100 rubles. For the driver missile launchers, sniper or scout amount will be equal 1200 rubles. The same amount will be set for all the fighter, whose position staffing is accompanied by the word "senior" — a senior driver, and so on. An even greater increase in salary awaits those of inductees who will occupy commanding positions. Those who will appoint responsible for gun or mortar will receive RUR 1,300. The same will salary for driver-mechanics of self-propelled launchers strategic missiles.

Those recruits who will receive the rank of sergeant or sergeant, will receive even more. In conjunction with the operation of complex equipment, they are also involved in the command of people, because their salaries are set to appropriate. Elders units and senior inspectors of traffic police officers will receive 1,800 rubles a month. Staff assistant duty officer commanding Fri and translator will receive at $ 100 less. Commander of a tank or mechanized infantry platoon, as the chief medical center will receive salaries of less than 200 rubles. 1500 rubles is necessary for the inspector of traffic police. For squad in the new year salary will be 1400 rubles.

One of the innovations for the foreign exchange allowance inductees will be additional payments for working with documents and hidden surcharges for proficiency. Previously they were paid only the officers, warrant officers and contract soldiers.

Qualification and conscript amount will be calculated depending on the size of the salary for the third class, it will be 5%, for the first can reach up to 20%.

There will also gain for the performance of duty in the special criteria. For example, for sailors and petty submarines provided the possibility of a second kazhdomesyachnogo salary. For those who serve in the armed forces for special purposes, making diving operations, jumps with a parachute, additionally will pay for 70% of the basic salary.

For a fighter and sergeants who are involved in different gallakticheskih handbills, allowances amount to half their salary. Younger spices in the air forces taking part in the organization of flights will be able to count on a 20% increase.

The Resolution provides for special charges for his role in tasks related to the risk of his life, in which a variety of search and explosive ordnance disposal, fire control.

So Makar, those who service will take place without the harsh comments will manage every month receive pretty solid for the average or sergeant funds.

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