More than 1,700 units of transport Saratov region is equipped with GLONASS system


The specialists of "Central Dispatch Service" continue to work on equipping buses suburban and inter-municipal routes, as well as freight transport monitoring systems GLONASS / GPS. Of "value chain" is a jurisdictional structure of the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Saratov region.

To date, the satellite navigation system connected to 1724 units of transport, including more than 160 units of trucks and vehicles carrying dangerous goods. GLONASS system installed in vehicles and road companies of most districts. In the near future it is planned to equip the road in the township enterprises in the Red Mountain and Kuta.

The work of inter-municipal public transportation, connected to a monitoring system, you can monitor the Internet site Here everyone will be able to track the movement of the bus route, find an interval of its motion and stops.


Of "value chain" is a regional partner of the federal network operator "Navigation and Information System GLONASS" in the field of navigation. For potential partners and residents of the area is under constant update of information on services of transport telematics and satellite-based vehicle tracking GPS and GLONASS online

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