More than 20 people were killed by an avalanche in Afghanistan

Twenty-one people were killed by an avalanche in the district of Wuhan severoafganskoy Badakhshan province, said Saturday Pazhvak news agency.

According to the agency, the avalanche came down on the town of Arak on March 22, and on Saturday the staff team of rescuers Fox Aga Khan dug out of the snow frozen bodies of the dead. One resident of Arak, which held in snow-bound house for three days, managed to stay alive, the agency reports.

Frostbite resident was taken to hospital where he received emergency care. Rescuers continue to work on-site emergency, expecting to find more survivors and the dead.

Since early January, in Badakhshan under avalanches and mudflows killed more than 200 people. According to Afghan Hydromet, this winter has become the cold and snow in the past 15 years.

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