More than 500 high-rise buildings renovated in Moscow

More than 500 high-rise buildings were repaired in the suburbs on the federal program in 2011, the ministry of housing and communal services of the Moscow region.

"In 2011, the federal program has been repaired more than 500 high-rise area. This year is expected to more applications, "- noted in the materials department.

In addition, according to the ministry, for the year declined for all veterans of the Great Patriotic War, wanting to renovate their homes under the federal program. Also successfully implemented a program to provide housing for veterans, 850 people have moved into a new apartment, RIA Novosti reports.

For projects of improvement yards could not do everything that was planned. However, the work that the weather conditions did not allow to perform efficiently, will be to finish in the second quarter of 2012, entered the ministry.

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