More than 700 people are involved in putting out the fire on Mount Athos

More than 700 people are involved in extinguishing fire at the monastic republic of Athos, Greece, said fire department.

The fire destroyed dozens of hectares of forest close to a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the Serbian monastery Chilandar, but at the moment there is no threat to the monastery.

At the scene of a fire with more than 120 firefighters, 120 of foot support personnel, 300 military, 120 volunteers and 49 firefighters were sent to the aid of Serbia, Greece.

Before the night the fire was extinguished 15 aircraft and seven helicopters, including heavy military transport helicopters Chinook Greek army. Putting out fires is hampered constantly changing wind direction.

A forest fire in the area of Mount Athos extends continuously from August 8.

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