More than a million young perch and roach released into the estuary Yeisky

Over 1, 39 million copies of juvenile fish were released from spawning and rearing ponds. Of those in the Gulf of Taganrog and Azov Sea released — more than 7,300 copies of perch and roach 1.3 million copies. 

Release of juvenile perch and roach implemented FSUE "Yeiskoe experimental farm of the reproduction and breeding of fish."

Inspectors and supervision of OTC and Yeisk inspection of the Azov-Kuban State Control Department supervised release fish.

The intensity of the slope of juveniles exposed to the effects of climate conditions, subject to the intensity of the ramp fry, namely the fry are more active on warm days, but in cloudy and rainy Activity dull.

To determine the species and the number of members of juveniles produced in places of production were sampled every two hours, at release.

A special trap, which is installed in the bays of grass-roots gateway, and the pavodskogo waste facilities sampled, time-based billing for juveniles.

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