Moscow — city of the terrible …

These famous words of Vladimir Putin flew around the country and continue to dapple in the message header to the entire network. Said it was almost 10 years ago. During this time, understood by both children and adults, and even idiots and provocateurs, it is not just words.

Every day repeat of the TV, they need more workers, which they — the future of Russia. Meanwhile, the real statistics show that we are able to cope with all the tasks, but we are not wanted, trying to get rid of us. Read about it here. Statements as that Russian is not the place, and we need to destroy as soon as possible and by all means, in full and all methods, sound today every day and grow like a snowball. Growing at the same rate "list of extremist materials" as well as the number of cases against the followers of Russian culture, such as "business Trehlebova".

Those who say that we must be destroyed, speak openly about it, such as Latynina (can 100% say that it is for nothing to be):

The fact that "it is we are wrong" and should pour our blood Moscow, turning it into a "dead lake", not extremism. From the standpoint of the modern system of the country called "RF", the author of these words did the right thing, not like a moron and a provocateur, but apparently as a sage and peacemaker. In ROC agree that Muslims have the right to judge us according to Sharia law, that is, as they please. There is no doubt that the mass executions in Sharia will not be one to watch — will shoot all and everywhere.

I wonder if the judge even said, though for collecting reports of new criminal cases against the followers of the Russian culture and a variety of attacks on representatives of the "liberal society" such as those that are above, this tends to suggest that such a course of action and is the official position of the authorities . I do not like the word "regime", but if there be found among local visitors at least one representative of the government, let them answer in the comments, what is the purpose of your regime? That in Russia there was not a Russian? Here it is planned to create a state like the United States, built on the blood of the natives?

If such ideas and expressions are explicitly promoted at every turn and find support elsewhere, you are the Nazis without any symbols. Present, the mode of action.

It remains to be said that on the streets of Moscow to be the lake of Russian blood, bullets do not talk, do not kill … However, Moscow Grozny. What was in Grozny on 20 years ago, to remind?

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