Moscow threatens technological accidents due to excessive salt spray

In Moscow, St. Petersburg possible recurrence of the accident, where excessive use of anti-icing agents led to a power failure, at present the scope of use of salt is extremely high in the capital, told RIA Novosti agroinformatiki head of the department of Moscow State University Dmitry Hamsters.

Earlier Friday, a power failure occurs several overhead power lines on Vasilievsky Island, as well as in the south of St. Petersburg by spraying anti-icing agents and formation of the corresponding residue on insulators LEP. Because of the accident without light were 4000 people.

"What is going on in St. Petersburg, and Moscow expects. Today, we are allowed to triple the salt load, and the authorities have embarked on reducing liquids. Effects of salts on the engineering services in Moscow is increasing, and it will be accompanied by an increased risk of adverse technological and environmental situations, "- said Hamsters.

According to him, the authorities of St. Petersburg and Moscow should abandon granular technical salt and move on wet runway deicer. When spraying, dry salt is only 40% of the road surface, and the rest flies during spraying and the traffic. While wet chemicals stick to the pavement and fly through the air, said the scientist.

"Before, we used to Moscow for the season 140,000 tons of salt in the form of both liquid and solid chemicals. But today, plus everything we have 150,000 tons delivered and distribute it on the pavement, thereby increasing the burden on a rational sidewalks at least 10 -12 times "- calculated the expert.

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