Most Russians do not give or take bribes

Russianswhole (82%) have never given bribes, although one in five (18%) faced with a request for an informal payment for services by state officials. These are the results of the April survey of the Fund "Public opinion".

According to the study, conducted in 43 regions of Russia, in the last three years increased the proportion of those who do not face bribery — 79% vs. 60% in 2008. Also the number of those who gave a bribe — from 29% to 15%.

Thus 84% of respondents complain about the high level of corruption in the country and, from 46%, it continues to rise.


So, what is to be proved. 82% having never Dvali bribes, only 18% satlkivalis with vymogatelstvoim (as they thought) bribe BUT 84% certain that the country's high level of corruption. That is about 60% of the population of the country is judged on the level of corruption is not even from my own experience.

This proves that the real "corruption" Envy is not on objective reasons, but purely on subjective, just a lot of talk about it in the media and all the bulk, that is, in fact there is a massive propaganda. And the result of this brainwashing and become confident in the fact that we have a high level of corruption.

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