Mouse fever epidemic in Mari-El

Yoshkar-Ola, August 18 — RIA Novosti. Health officers to record increases in the incidence of Mari El "mouse fever", this summer has already registered 39 such cases (last year — only nine), told RIA Novosti the Rospotrebnadzor for Marina Mamkina republic.

Outbreak, according to epidemiologists, is associated with increased numbers of rodents fivefold increase in virus infection in bank voles by 14 times compared to last year.

"More than half of cases (21 people) in June-July, when visiting the forest contracted at rest, gathering mushrooms and berries, hunting, fishing," — said the agency interlocutor.

In this case "mouse fever" is not registered in the summer health institutions. According to experts the supervisor, nor was the group of diseases and deaths.

HFRS (hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome), or "rat fever" — an acute viral natural focal virus spread widely in different regions of Russia. It is characterized by intoxication, fever, hemorrhagic phenomena diabeza (hemorrhagic syndrome) and a kind of kidney and other organs and systems. In the European part of Russia, the source of infection is the bank vole. Infection of humans occurs by airborne dust, inhalation of dried feces of infected rodents. Transmission is also possible in contact with infected rodents or objects of the environment (firewood, hay, straw, etc.).

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