Moving forward yet eliminated

Appeal Board of the Minsk Economic Court decided to dismiss the complaint on the previous decision to eliminate the research and educational institution "Moving Forward." This decision was made chairman of the board of judges and Sergey Kulakovskii Andrey Plotnikov and Tatiana Kuzevich.

Under the "Move Forward" campaign begins, "Tell the truth."

The leader of the campaign Nyaklyayeu — One of the presidential candidates.

Representatives of the "forward movement" explained the decision of the appeal board on top of the order and called it politically motivated.

The decision of the Minsk Economic Court can be appealed to the High Court for a month, but, in fact, it is believed that the decision came into effect on today.

Earlier Minsk Economic Court invalidated the lease agreement between the "forward" and the company "Tina Vlata." On this basis, the court allowed the claim of deprivation of Minsk City Executive Committee "Move Forward" registration.

Back in May, held its first searches to one of the "Tell the Truth." Sealed the office that is not open to still. Three activists of the campaign, including its leader, poet Vladimir Neklyaeva, held for three days in jail. Many activists were taken away computers that are up to still not given.


Nekljaev, "Moving Forward"

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