Muscovite grown cut finger 10 years ago


Moscow to host the world's first operation to restore the cut finger many years ago. Professor Teplyashin claims to be able to restore the lost limb.

Marina P. patient becomes the first person to "ramp up" the severed finger phalanx. Conduct operation MD, Professor Alexander Teplyashin.

Marina appealed to the metropolitan hospital with a request to make her cosmetic surgery, not associated with the restoration of the phalanx. During the inspection, Alexander proposed marina for free on the Rights of the clinical trial to build a long-lost part of her hand.

— The main problem — to find a good specialist who knows the specifics of this particular part of the body and was able to qualitatively carry out the operation. We will raise the bone tissue for transplant, been measured, the operation will do — and you're done, — said Alexander.

Many years ago, Marina P. accidentally cut a phalanx of the index finger with a power saw, and only women will now hand the normal form.

— And with the nail plate will work. Soon will be the nail. Understand the operation — only the beginning. With this technology it will be possible to recover the legs, arms — everything, everything. It's simple — a person gets a finger, and all the people — the hope to be rescued. We give 100% of what new fabrics excellent work there.

This is confirmed by clinical trials on animals that Teplyashin spent with Skryabin Veterinary Academy named. For the experiment, 100 individuals were selected Romanov sheep breed.


— To demonstrate our discoveries in Germany, or, say, in the UK, it was necessary to carry out tests according to international standards. In mice would simply not serious and uninteresting to anyone — continues Alexander. — Every major animal we conducted an operation to lengthen the bones. The most convenient part of the bone is located in the foot. We cut off part of the bone, inserted blanks and fixed up with the help of the apparatus Elizarova.

The State Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics studied the results of clinical trials, government offices and employees have come to the conclusion that they see it for the first time.

— My job — to help people, — says Alexander. — One day I was flying the plane and saw an article in the newspaper about a cat with undeveloped paws, it was very difficult to move around. I called the editor of the newspaper, to somehow find a pet — would love to help. But it, unfortunately, have already given shelter to the unknown, and the operation is not successful, — says Alexander.

Unique operation to restore the length of the finger will be held in Moscow in three months. In addition to work on the restoration of the phalanx professor Teplyashin plans to establish on the basis of its small dental clinic before the Japanese scientists develop technology for growing teeth.

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