Muscovites will be a very hot week

Weather in Moscow next week will be quite comfortable — sunny and no rain. Daytime temperatures will be 26-31 degrees. But on Wednesday, in the metropolitan area of possible local showers and thunderstorms, and the temperature drops by 2-3 degrees.

Will be sunny and hot in the north-west of the European part of Russia, said on air "Morning of Russia" a leading specialist of the PHOBOS Vadim Zavodchenkov. But on Tuesday from the north down atmospheric front, carrying the storm clouds and cooler air masses. By mid-week, showers and thunderstorms will be localized and of short duration, but the heat will be gone. Daytime temperatures in Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region of 20-25 degrees, the rest of the region — from 23 to 28.

Pretty good weather will be in the south of European Russia, the forecaster said. In the early days there showers, thunderstorms. But then thunderstorms are located in the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast daytime temperatures rise to plus 29-34 degrees. In the Lower Volga can even heat up to plus 32-37 degrees. In Sochi delayed moderately warm weather, with daytime temperatures between 25-26 degrees, but it will take a lot of rain.

According Zavodchenkova the most comfortable time to waiting residents Volga. It will be located anticyclone, warm air will be fine, expected by mid-week 30-degree heat. It was only on Friday from the East poduyut cooler wind, storm clouds appear, and the heat will drop to 23-28 degrees.

Do not hit the Urals: the beginning of the week there will be a cloudy, rainy, with ambient temperature by 3-5 degrees below normal. From Wednesday the weather will start recovering, the influx of solar heat will increase the probability of rain is small. Slight worsening of the weather is expected only at the very end of the week, informed the forecaster.

In southern Siberia weather is contrast — the matter is that the cyclonic depression. In the south-west it is enough cool air. There will be showers, thunderstorms. Day temperature plus 20-25 degrees. In the south-east arrives hot and dry air from Central Asia. These showers and thunderstorms will come only at the end of the week, and the heat will also decrease.

The Far East is also in the area of contrasts weather: sunny and very hot in Yakutia — the temperature to 30-35 degrees. But in the south of the region is a cyclone: it rains, sometimes with rain and gusty winds. On the coast of pockets of fog. Daytime temperatures in the continental regions of 23-28 degrees on the coast — perhaps plus 16-21.

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