Mysteries of the Arctic. Who are the croaking in ice and draws on them weird lines?

January 3, 2012 5:33

Norwegian spiral anomaly (2009) and "comb" on the Arctic ice. Photo by the author and the site

"Can you imagine, I've seen a UFO, when the watch was, and no one believes me — distressed sailor Glebov in the smoking icebreaker" Russia. " — Actually, on the subject here is not made to shoot the breeze, consider for a fool. But I had seen, he could not make a mistake! "
Arctic — a region enigmatic. They say there are observed anomalous phenomena, which do not see anywhere else. The correspondent of "AIF", while in the Arctic expedition on the icebreaker "Russia", owned Rosatomflot, trying to figure out if they are. It turned out that way, and not all of the polar "miracles" of science can explain.

Hemp and zigzags

Dispatched to the northern latitudes amateur thinks: What is surprising is waiting for him in the Arctic — is the aurora. The spectacle is certainly fascinating, but not the only one. Newcomer will be shocked if he ever see a ship floating in the sky, and even turned upside down! Or distant islands, floating above the ocean. This so-called superior mirages: because the air density changes with height not gradually but abruptly, the light beam is refracted in the atmosphere. As a result, we see an object that is far beyond the horizon, and in a distorted (inverted, magnified form). In the same light refraction due to the effect of two suns: in heaven there is not one star, but two.
Other optical phenomenon — a halo. Formed around the sun glowing ring. Or from the sun reaches down bar of light, like a pillar. The reason for the phenomenon is that the air is full of ice crystals through which the light is refracted again.
"Mirages or halo, we often see, — said Alexander Barinov, Master of the icebreaker" Lenin ", whom I met on the eve of the expedition. — Another sight that at first shocking, — ice pillars with buildings on top. Well Imagine floating ice, her houses, but they are not on the ice stand, and on the stumps of a few meters high. You start to think: Who put them there and why? And here's the thing. Once polar drifting on an ice floe, and after them were houses.
Each year floe melts at 30 centimeters. And it melts on top. But under the houses, the ice remains intact, sunlight does not penetrate there! It turns out that the ice formed stumps, which every year they raise the structure. "
When the icebreaker "Russia" entered the ice field, my attention was attracted by the strange lines on the surface. Zigzags with right angles, similar to the shape of the dentate of the wall they were visible here and there, and sometimes folded into intricate giant drawings. "Well, what's your Nazca desert, no doubt drawn aliens! — Just had an idea. — A straight line — the runways. But why no one but me marvels that? "Turned out jagged lines, the so-called" comb "- is the result of creeping ice at each other. They mutually slam certain sites are then fused, and the border of the "invasion" is in the form of rectangular zigzags.

Hole for the UFO

"UFO? Yes, we have seen — willingly responded to my question, Alexander Barinov. — One day we walked through the Kara Strait Gate and suddenly look: the sky turned purple, everything shimmers. And there is something going on in the sky, like a fireworks display. To large cities was far, what fireworks from? The whole team and was stunned: UFO! And when came to Murmansk, we learned that the day before from Plesetsk rocket launches. Apparently, it is a spin-off of its level. "
Two years ago, the people of northern Norway in the sky saw a strange glowing object. Elongated in a spiral cloud was moving up, and at its end was spinning another, white, spiral. Object increases until it turned into a huge ball with a green heart. The phenomenon observed hundreds of people, and later it was called "The Norwegian spiral anomaly". Put forward a different version — that is the result of the Large Hadron Collider, or aliens coming to Earth. Soon, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the White Sea were launched missile "Bulava", but in the third phase of its flight had a technical problem. Many were quick to associate the event with the Norwegian anomaly. But there is no clarity so far: hardly seems like a failed missile could paint the sky so unusual and beautiful pattern.
They say sailors regularly observe a UFO in the polar latitudes. Known ufologist Vladimir Azhazha collected tens of evidence and classified documents on the subject. So I listened with interest to the story of a sailor Dmitry Glebov. "It was three years ago, I was working on the icebreaker" Yamal ". We walked in clear water, it was night, I was standing on the wheel and I could see that on the right at the rate of 30 degrees, hanging glowing object. In the control room, I was alone. Spun the wheel and took the ship right at him. This property has povisel, then released under a beam of light and disappeared. "
Glebov draws, looked like a UFO. Similar to the classical "plate", except thicker. In addition, the sailor said that sometimes in the Arctic ice can be seen perfectly round hole with a diameter of 15-20 meters (hacked UFO?) And hear sounds similar to croak. Sailors were even given an appropriate name for this phenomenon — "wah" or "Quakers." As you know, the frog in the Arctic Ocean are not found. And seals or polar bears publish completely different sounds. Yet there is something to think about?

Dmitry Pisarenko

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