Mysterious hole

February 23, 2012 2:00

Recently in the media more often there is information about the "mysterious pits." Typically, this gap in the rock or soil cylindrical, less oval or rectangular. They are not natural formations as they appear suddenly and have an almost perfect shape, often near absence seizures breed. They usually occur at night, often in the fields.

Riddle of the Grand Coulee

The best known and studied anomalous pit is rightly considered, discovered the brothers Peter and Rick while grazing cows in 1984, near the small town of Grand Coulee (Washington, USA). The pit had a rectangular shape with a completely smooth walls and a flat bottom. At length it was three meters, a little over two wide and three — in depth. Pit attracted the two brothers that just the day before at this place was nothing.

Even more surprisingly caused land taken out from there, found in 22.5 meters north-east. Rectangular formation was associated with the withdrawal of a thin strip of land wakes. No trace of the mysterious diggers could not detect. The shepherds told about the discovery of the director of the company, "Colville Indians' Don Obertinu because the land belonged to him. He instructed to deal with this fact geologist friend Bill Atterbahu. In his view, such a hole could be obtained only with a vertical lifting of the land formation, or a perfectly flat bottom and sides impossible.

Detailed inspection of the detected phenomenon commissioned a specialist from the Smithsonian Institute. They discovered another oddity: the walls were quite well intact roots. Achieve this with a shovel, and any modern technology is unreal.

Professionals had no choice but to acknowledge the movement of land acquisition by air. But in their findings, they noted that for the moment can not be explained by what force was cured three-ton bed and moved to 22.5 meters.

Creation of a giant excavator

The origin of another failure is unclear, but this time a cylindrical shape. Found it in one of the provinces of Rio Negro, Argentina. Pit diameter of about 35 meters and a depth of 14.05 meters came during a night storm in 1902. Currently, the wall at the failure of almost crumbled, bottom overgrown with grass and shrubs, but, despite this, it makes quite an impressive experience. Experts rejected the version of the karst or meteoritic origin of the phenomenon.

But in Russia the largest anomalous pit was founded in 1961 on the banks of Korbozera. It looked like a regular excavation trench 25 meters long, 6.18 meters wide and about three and a half meters. Unusually, it was that one end she left the lake. The ice in the place had been broken, as if a giant bucket walked across the frozen ground, gnawing a piece and carried to God knows where. Specialists have found no trace on the shore of construction equipment, which is not surprising: the wild and extends around the desolate land, the people on the shore of the lake to reach by foot.

To inspect the bottom of the lake at the site of the hole caused by divers, who found the water a little lost ground, as well as a few pieces of ice unnaturally bright green. Ice samples were sent to study in St. Petersburg, but he reached the laboratory only in the form of water. The analysis yielded no results, as the conclusion — no explanation of green color, which indicate the expedition, was not obtained. As in many other cases, the experts were able to say only one thing: it could not be the result of an explosion, or a fallen meteorite karst collapse. As a result, the strange pit gradually forgotten.

Communication with UFO

Unexplained phenomenon pits known for a long time, but the first printed messages on them appeared in various media since the mid-XX century, almost simultaneously with information about flying saucers. In 1954, there were articles in French newspapers of the pits in the form of eggs, which appeared in the night-time in the Department of Pons-sur-Lignon.

They examined a group of geologists, which gave the conclusion that it is impossible to dig a pit, such conventional shovels. According to them, the earth could be sucked by a very powerful pump.

In 1981, an abnormal hole found in West Germany at a military airfield. Present a standard set: sheer and perfectly smooth wall at the excavation round depth of about seven meters, recovered the ground was not there.

Recently, quite often receive information about these phenomena. On Russian fields anomalous pit phenomenon as frequent as in English — the famous circles. Strange indentations in the ground with a perfectly smooth walls occasionally find in the fields of Kursk, Voronezh, Kemerovo, and other areas in the Maritime region, the North Caucasus. In 1990, there were reports of dozens of holes of different sizes found in the steppes of Kazakhstan. One of them was found in Baikonur. In her survey of experts sent from the military space forces, but nothing concrete to find out they could not. The report limited by the fact that the case could not this education due to falling spacecraft or testing of weapons. Was rejected and the meteorite version: a cylindrical hole can not appear at a stone on the surface of the earth.

Local people do not doubt that the appearance of strange holes are closely connected with UFOs. For example, in 2002, near the village of Oxen mysteriously appeared cylindrical hole diameter and depth of about six meters. It should be noted that the chairman of the local agricultural cooperative N. Zemchenkov eve seen near this place a red ball, which then changed to orange. According to him, the ball was in sight for about 15 minutes, and then disappeared. Other villagers also mentioned that similar facilities for them are not uncommon.

1995 — near the village in Ulyanovsk region Apakov locals noticed in the sky glowing circle, and in the morning found a round hole with a perfectly smooth, as if fused edges.

We have hinted that we are not alone

Ufology has long been tied together two phenomena — circles and holes. They occur mainly in the fields at night, almost always unexpected for local residents. They are credited with the creation of a UFO, but the evidence of this fact yet. However, one thing is certain, have not managed to find people who would be able to repeat the like. Place the ears of corn in a circle is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. It is also difficult to forge and anomalous pit. To create them you need to spend only one night, often in extremely hard ground so that we can also deduce, not leaving a trace. The most popular version — is the world's soil samples that make the aliens.

However, if this assumption is true, then why the aliens are trying to do so as mysterious to people? Would be much more logical to disguise them underneath something ordinary or make them difficult to access. Most UFO researchers have come to the conclusion that it is a demonstration of his power of some civilization. Perhaps these signs pursues the aim of moral prepare humanity for the coming to a contact in the future.

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