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January 29, 2012 9:31

8 most famous poltergeist cases

According to the Oxford dictionary, a poltergeist is a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical anxiety, such as loud noises and peredviganie items.

Poltergeists are not the typical kind of ghosts, because they can interact with the material world, sometimes with devastating consequences. Organization "The American Association of Paranormal Research» (APRA) has studied this phenomenon, looking for evidence of forgery and fraud, or confirming paranormal activity. Several individual studies of the 20th century paranormal traced to specific individuals. The theory is that a person causes unexplained physical symptoms, such as levitation through the emotional and mental stimuli.

Relationship between man and the poltergeist continues to raise questions, since paranormal activity usually revolves around one person, and there was limited number of people.

Enfildsky poltergeist

"Before I die, I'm blind, I was bleeding, I passed out, and died in a corner at the bottom."

Creepy voice, the recording of which can still be heard in the film belongs to Bill Wilkins — grumpy old man who died long before Hodgson family moved into his house, north of London. The voice came from the body of 11-year-old girl named Janet Hodgson, which supposedly was possessed.

Enfildskogo poltergeist case is one of the most widely recognized cases of paranormal activity in the world. The events that took place between August 1977 and the fall of 1978, included the movement of furniture, the mysterious knocking in the walls and flying objects. Researcher Guy Lyon Playfair poltergeist has written a book about the case.

Poltergeist Bell family

When in 1817, farmer John William Bell discovered in his cornfield strange animal, then shot him. He could hardly believe that killing this animal, which seemed part rabbit, part dog, will transform the lives of their families. Soon after this event, both inside and outside the house inhabitants began to hear different sounds, and the youngest daughter of John claimed that it attacked the "invisible force." When in 1820, Bell died in the four years after that paranormal activity subsided. For explanation of this case for the film The Phantom of the Red River.

Rozenhaymsky Poltergeist

In 1967, Anne-Marie Schneider was 18 when she began working at the law firm of Sigmund Adam in Rosenheim, Germany. Soon after that began to occur in the office of abnormal activity. Telephones and electricity are working with large noise, to the great concern of office workers. At times, all the phones start ringing at the same time, and the picture on the wall swinging left and right. These events have attracted the attention of local media, the police and the paranormal investigators. Adam noticed that potergeystnaya activity began in the presence of Anne-Marie Schneider. In fact, all activity ceased when he dismissed her from office.

Poltergeist in Thornton Heath

Radio, which itself is on, and broadcast foreign radio stations. Shade suddenly fell to the floor. These were just a few phenomena that in 1970 — turned into a nightmare of four years of family life in Thornton Heath in England. At Christmas 1972 the entire family suddenly saw how much holiday tree shaking. Activity continued after the New Year. The situation became really alarmed when her son was threatened by a man dressed in old-fashioned clothes. Among other paranormal attended flying objects, loud noises and knocking at the front door. According to consult family medium, the house was possessed by a couple of farmers who lived in this house in the middle of the 18th century.

Poltergeist Danny

Buy your child an old bed of the 19th century can turn sleepless nights!

Three nights after a 14-year-old Jason from Georgia received a gift from his father Al Cobb antique bed, started to happen strange things. Jason was overwhelmed, he felt like someone was looking at him, and at night he is breathing in the back. One day, Jason came to his room, and found on his bed scattered toys. On the question of Al on who it poltergeist called himself, posing spirit Danny — 7letnego boy whose mother died in this bed in 1899. Danny has made it clear he does not want anyone to sleep on this bed.

The Amityville Horror

"You have to help me! I think my mother and father were shot! "

Screamed 23-year-old Ronald De Fo, broke into the bar Emitiville Henry, New York. The next day De Fo confessed to murdering his parents and four siblings in the house at 112 Ocean Avenue, the city Emitivill.

A year later, in December 1975, George, Kathy Lutz and her three children moved into the house on Ocean Avenue. Their story was the basis of the book "Horror Emitivillya: The Real Story", and ten films released from 1979 to 2011. On the veracity of the events, the book and the film has some differences, and even led to litigation.

According to the book, Father Ray spent in the house blessing, when he heard a man's voice demanding, "Get out." In subsequent months, Lutz family experienced many strange phenomena, including:

* Swarms of flies (though it was winter)
* Vivid nightmares about the murder of Katy, where her children were sleeping on the stomach, as well as victims of De Fo.
* Locks, windows and doors were damaged by some unknown force.

The ghosts of Jackie Hernandez

In the late summer of 1989, Dr. Barry Taff and his team investigate a strange case of poltergeist in the house Jackie Hernandez in San Pedro, California. Conducting an investigation, the research team heard some commotion in the attic. Jackie felt that this cast of the head without the body, which she had seen earlier. On the walls of tech red mud, which, as it turned out later, was human blood. Just Jackie reported that the TV is turned on by itself, and threw something into it various objects. She also referred to the two occurrences of the house an old man.

Once a week, researchers Uikraft Jeff and Larry Brooks returned to the house, they wanted to do in the attic a few frames. In the attic, Jeff was attacked by some unknown force, which wrapped the rope around his neck and hung it on a nail sticking out of the roof (Danny was still alive, although he was very frightened, approx. Mixednews).

Poltergeist in the house of the village of Borley Rectory

In the rectory, in the village of Borley in England, for many years there is poltergeist activity. Local residents recall that unexplained steps in the house heard since 1863. In July 1900 daughter of Reverend Henry Dawson reported that close to the house saw a ghost. In subsequent years, the inhabitants of the house were numerous mysterious phenomena. Among them:

* Ghost crew under two headless horsemen.
* Found in the closet skull of a young woman, wrapped in brown paper.
* Bells servants who call themselves.

The rectory has attracted media attention and enthusiasts. Researcher Harry Price concluded that the ghost of a nun, who have seen for generations, belongs to Mary Lerre, the French nun who was murdered in the rectory in 1667. In March 1939, the building was badly damaged by fire. Obsessed house was the subject of several books, some of which raise doubts as to its accuracy.

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