Named the amount of damage from the oil spill on the Angara

The damage caused by the oil spill on the Angara River is estimated at 23 million rubles. This May 3 reports "Interfax".

Head of Research Affairs of the Irkutsk region Alexander Obukhov said that 23 million — is the cost of responding to the spill. "But this is not the full amount at the end it will be much more," — said the Obukhov.

Earlier, the Baikal-Angara environmental prosecutor Alexei Kalinin declared that the claim for damages will be presented to the owner of the pipeline — FGU "Combine Rosrezerva Baikal." Now Obukhov added that police sent to the Investigation Committee report to institute against the leadership of the FSI case on negligence.

Previously been filed two cases — the theft of oil and water pollution. According to recent information, the case joined in one proceeding. Detained four suspects, three of them placed under arrest. According to investigators, the theft led by one of the detainees — 32-year-old unemployed. Also, set the personality of five people who knew about the sidebar, but not directly involved in the theft.

Three tanks dug into the ground a mile from the frame, discovered 27 tons of summer diesel fuel worth 750,000 rubles.

Box was fitted into storm sewers enterprise "Usolyechimprom" which, as it later turned out, illegally dumping waste water into the Angara. When April 25 box burst, diesel got into the Angara precisely collector. The prosecutor's office has made the management of "Usoliekhimprom" idea of breaking the law. Made the presentation of the Chief Executive Usolie-Siberian — it turned out that the illegal "oil" occupied the house next to the pipeline, with no registration or the title.

Angara just spilled 300 tonnes of fuel. Had to turn off water intake that supplied water Cheremhovsky district of Irkutsk region. 77,000 people were left without water until May 2. In the area of emergency was imposed, water carter drove to the homes were closed schools and kindergartens. Now the state of emergency lifted, but tap water may only be used for technical needs. For drinking and cooking area residents continue to use purchased water. Most kindergartens are still closed, and schools do not work canteens.

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