National Park near Alma-Ata was drowned in the smoke from the fire

In large fires, which originated in the Ile-Alatau National Park near Alma-Ata in the evening, 22 August, involving helicopters, fire trucks and more than 500 people. Area covered by the fire, exceeded 18 hectares.

Struggle with the elements interfere dead trees remaining in the national park after the storm, which occurred in May 2011, isilny wind.

"In order to prevent further spread of the fire manually, cutting strips and opashka area covered by the fire," — said the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

Because of the threat of the spread of fire from children's camp near evacuated nearly 300 people, the press service of the city administration.

A fire in a national park can be a threat to red-listed species of animals living there, according to Project Coordinator for Central Asia of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Olga Pereladova.

"Snow Leopard is now live in the mountains, they are not threatened by a forest fire. But argali mountain sheep is likely to suffer from the reduction of habitat," — said the Pereladova.

National park "Ile-Alatau" was created in 1996 to preserve the unique ecosystems of Trans-Ili Alatau in highly anthropogenic pressure. The total area of the national park is 129 hectares, of which more than 42 thousand hectares of forest.

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