Nekljaev warns Europe

The leader of the "Tell the truth!" is now on a visit to the Czech Republic. About his talks in the Czech capital said the head of election headquarters Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev.

Dmitriev: A meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg. Nekljaev said that today there is a very big threat to the establishment in Belarus "managed democracy." This will happen if the European Union will recognize process simulation for actual processes. Mr. Nekljaev said that the Belarusian authorities are now trying to make a beautiful picture, and not just about the election, but also in other areas in which the EU is interested, example of this — what's happening in the "third sector". Authorities are trying to subdue civil society. Already there is a lot of conflict, a part of civil society is very against it.

It's — two sides of the same coin. We see that there was more than a free campaign to collect signatures. Perhaps now would be less free campaigning. But a monopoly on the main thing — to count the votes, to monitor the vote counting power reserves. Therefore, we say that Europe in any case it can not be recognized as a process. Because then the government will realize that they can just cheat Europe, simulating the processes rather than reforming the country.

But it was also pointed out that we are in favor to continue the dialogue with Belarus. We believe that we need to talk about the positive things happening in the country. After a campaign of collecting signatures was really much better compared to 2006. It is necessary to specify and welcome. And the power to encourage the further development of the situation. Not the hype, namely the development.

DrakakhrustAndrew, it's all said Mr. Nekljaev? And what he said in response to Mr. Schwarzenberg?

Dmitriev: Mr. Schwarzenberg and other interviewees indicated that they understand that issue, we talked about — "of managed democracy." Mr. Minister also stressed that it is important to continue the dialogue between Belarus and Europe, which is very important to engage Belarus in a closer relationship with Europe. But this is not possible without the involvement of real progress in the elections and in dialogue with civil society.

Drakakhrust: A topic not touched a single candidate, the unity of the opposition?

Dmitriev: It was stressed interlocutors with the Czech Foreign Ministry that razyadnanasts opposition that exists today — it's very bad and really prevents a more rapid process of reforming the country. We said that we had always been single for the election of the opposition, Mr Nekljaev always went to these meetings, some of the steps were made on his initiative. But unfortunately the association to date failed. So now is the time to set goals that are possible.

We talked about a few scenarios. The first scenario — this is the victory that we are working on it. But the main thing — it does not prevent the "elegant" Lukashenko's victory. After all, if it happens, if the West recognizes this victory, then after that will be completely "stripped" the "third sector and the political sector.

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