New office opening trucking company Dostavka98 in Kazakhstan

January 13, 2013 the leadership of the company "Dostavka98" it was decided to expand the boundaries of cargo toward Kazakhstan. The process of development of trade relations between Russia and Kazakhstan is not static, so the company "Dostavka98" expects significant growth in freight traffic between the two countries in 2013.
In May 2013, it is planned to open an office of the company "Dostavka98" in Kazakhstan, the country through which entrepreneurs can order delivery of goods from Kazakhstan to Russia and back.
By joining with Russia to the Customs Union, Kazakhstan adopted a new stage of economic relations. These processes require an increasing amount of cargo in both directions. To date, this process is limited to few trucking companies in Kazakhstan.
The company "Dostavka98" was founded in 2010 as a small firm transportation of cargo tonnage. It was soon decided to expand the company's fleet, so the company was able to transport all categories of goods, except for large and dangerous. To date with the company "Dostavka98" cooperate more than fifty Russian companies and associations. More information on the official website dostavka98.rf

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