New York Times: Lukashenko is not quickly cool

Arguing about prison sentences Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Usu, The New York Times recalls the words of Alexander Lukashenko in Astana, where he said he did not rule out the possibility of the release of prisoners of the opposition.

"The sentences were handed down to the next day after, as President Alexander Lukashenko has hinted that he may release his political opponents. This statement is widely attributed by many commentators as a signal to the West, that Lukashenko wants talks as to provide the desired loan immediately. But the sentence seems to indicate that the hard line president is not quickly cool. "

On the relationship between sentences former candidates Presidents of Belarus economic situation of the country and also writes today's edition of The Wall Street Journal:

"Mr. Lukashenko on Wednesday hinted at the possibility of presidential pardon convicted opposition leaders, saying that he saw no point in allocating money to their conclusion. Analysts say that Mr Lukashenko may consider such clemency only in conjunction with a request for financial assistance from the West to stabilize the shaky economy of Belarus. "

The newspaper said that the persecution of the opposition blocked the road to Minsk loans from the International Monetary Fund, and Moscow, their financial aid leads to the sale of the Belarusian state property.

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