Nicholas saved from death


The Holy Fathers as one of the main human sins despondency and despair of salvation, when lost hope people see no other option than euthanasia. However, in any situation, you should hope for the best. Miracles do happen. This absolutely sure our heroes who have received help from God at the last moment.



Tatiana identified their savior when he saw in the church an icon of St. Nicholas

— I hated God and lost faith in 16 years when Dad died in a car accident — begins his story Gelendzhik resident Tatyana Petrenko. — Mom, gradually died down, became a disabled person, and not to lose the last of a loved one, I dropped out of school, collected his childhood in a gift box and made in the trash. For years, I mentally could not recover from the tragedy.

After some time in her life was a man — a young successful businessman Alexander Petrenko, and took away her beloved mother in a five-room apartment in the center of Moscow. Nine months after the wedding, a daughter, then another. Happiness is over in a jiffy.

— I was cooking dinner, when suddenly the phone rang, and indifferent voice said, "Slippery track … lost control," — says Tatiana. — After the funeral fell more trouble. Collapsed husband's business, where he was the director, turned large debts. The remaining savings I took small room on the outskirts of Moscow. Looking for a job, but everywhere was refused — no experience, no experience.

Having survived the second time a strong shock, left in 32 years without the support of money from a disabled mother and two children, Tanya fell into a deep depression and decided to kill himself and family. Dissolved sleeping pills, the woman was going to poison the evening an old lady and daughters. Plan prevented the mysterious visitor. — It was the older man with a gray beard and blue, kind eyes. Introduced plumber Nikolai G..

I really dripping faucet, but I did not cause. Decided that I had forgotten since the last few days was not herself from hunger and despair. "You are very tired, honey. But it is no longer useful to you, "- said the old man anxiously poured sleeping pills and threw the remaining pills out the window. I fainted …

Woke up when he came again with bags full of groceries. Then he took out of his jacket pocket a few crumpled bills, saying that we will be enough for the first time. He added: "You'll still be happy. You have to cultivate good daughters, cherish them. You can not land a man ahead of time to leave. " And to the question, how can I thank him, he replied: "Do not look for me, and want to thank, go to church and pray."

Since then, life has become Petrenko improve. Found a job at a branch of the advertising company in her favorite city of Gelendzhik. Director to find her apartment near the sea, identified girls in kindergarten, hired a nurse for mom. — Now I know that God does send us a guardian. In fact, after the visit of the grandfather I immediately went to the church. And on the icon with fear and trembling saw someone who took me from the fatal act. The same face, eyes, blue eyes, a beard — it was St. Nicholas-Man!

The mysterious passenger

With the help of the wonderful faces and a resident of Minsk Irina Serbenchuk who told about the accident and his grandson Andrew Denisenko, who at that time was four years old. — He clamped a hand bus door. The driver immediately began to open it, but it even more pressed his little hand: she twisted to one side, then the other.

Ran passengers, called "fast", the grandson cried, I cried. Brush up on the eyes swollen, turned blue, he could not move it. We made our way to a man with a very familiar face, but remember where he had seen, I could not. He took Andrew's hand, stroking her, whispered something. The child has calmed down, closed his eyes, fell asleep.

While he picked up the man disappeared, and the handle of a baby was not a tumor, or even a bruise! Most interesting is that none of those who were there, admired and wondered not recall that this man was on our bus. Came out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere.

The Woman in White

About the presence of God tells krymchanin Andrei Zinoviev: In seven years, he had an accident and survived clinical death. — There is a God, and I now know it, — says the man. — My father and I were driving from fishing. Towards jumped out the car collision occurred. In an instant, I ascended above the road, seen from above mangled car, dumped the fish hatchery and the sprawling cancers, "fast", the police, themselves on a stretcher.

Scary is not it: my hand was holding a smiling woman in a white dress. I do not remember her words — a great sense of love for all beings, which overwhelmed me at that moment. That feeling still does not leave me, lives somewhere inside, around the solar plexus. When I woke up in the hospital, my mother said that my heart was not beating and a half minutes.

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