Nicholas Zyatkov: One million children in the garbage

Not everyone knows that in the country there are people who make a material abortion

The president's words, made a bid to strengthen the family, increasing the birth rate, the majority of Russians have caused internal support
. What else could help solve these problems, but for different reasons have been named to handle the president? Reducing the number of abortions, which in Russia are made every 18 seconds.

We have this issue once shame is not discussed, it is believed that an abortion — a personal matter. Although, if you take the figures, obtained a terrible picture. According to the Health Ministry in 2009 was 1 million 162 abortion. Imagine: for every 100 births — 66.7 abortions! Without them, the birth rate would increase by more than 1.5 times. On the background of the fact that many families are making great efforts
, to have children, the state is building the newest centers, and doctors are saving debilitated children, every year more than one million have actually taken place after conception, children's souls and bodies thrown in the trash.

Not everyone knows that in the country there are people who earn abortion material. In this area, spinning a lot of money (rejuvenation, treatments, creams based on fetal, that is, abortion, the material — not a luxury for the poor). The problem, of course, not the only problem. How many of us teens who 'suddenly' become pregnant because of his carelessness, ignorance, because neither the parents nor the state have not taught their culture, relationships! How many low-income families who can not afford to feed and elementary education to another child!

and the state should give a clear answer to the question: do we need a million children each year? Or are we under the flag of tolerance, freedom of choice will be down to the drain? If so, then you want to prevent abortions (excluding medical and social). It is necessary to hold public discussion. Here, the lead in the first place would be the Orthodox Church and other denominations. As the experience of our country, and internationally, these problems are solved, if they do. For example, if the mother does not want to give birth to themselves, even give birth to someone else. Some people
years of trying to conceive by artificial insemination (IVF). Here nature is so ordered that the child already has. But no, he is killed while spending millions to help childless couples to have another child.

Demographics — a cruel thing, and it shows that every unborn child reduces the population of a million to tens of millions. If we want to live in the future among the migrants and their offspring, in fact in a foreign country, then you need to take urgent measures. Even Napoleon said, "Who does not want to feed his army, will feed someone else." In Russia may never happen: we will have to keep absolutely foreign, foreign to us people.

Nicholas Zyatkov
chief editor
"Arguments and Facts"

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