Ning: humanoids from Antarctic waters

May 2, 2012 12:50

In the last few years in Japan are rumors of the existence of the icy waters of the Antarctic giant humanoids, known as Ning. Although these rumors often belongs to the genre of legends, information itself looks quite curious.

Opening whalers

The story began with the fact that the internet on the Japanese forum 2channel was taken a few posts with the information that a blogger learned from a friend that works for a government research program lives of whales. This program, called JARPA, launched in 1987, when Japan was under pressure from the International Whaling Commission ended in Antarctic waters České commercial whaling. JARPA opponents claim that its true purpose — extraction of whale meat to Japanese restaurants and supermarkets. Indeed, in the framework of the rising sun kills annually in the Antarctic and the North-West Pacific over 800 whales. And so, disguised as scientists whalers allegedly met in the southern latitudes rusalkopodobnyh huge cetaceans.

In November 2007 edition of the Japanese magazine «My», devoted to the study of supernatural phenomena, published an article which contained reflections on the possibility of living in the southern seas unknown giant creatures. Thus, the problem has been recognized.

Cetaceans "mermaid"

The word "Ningen" in Japanese means "man", and the creation of these, as eyewitnesses are a big fat whales, anatomically similar to humans. Descriptions ningenov always appears a person instead of legs they have a tail, or a whale, or a similar mermaid, and some of the reports referred to arms, and even the hands. Those lucky enough to watch ningenov claim that their length of 20-30 meters. Skin creatures almost white, it is devoid of pigmentation. Meetings with these giant humanoids, seems for the most part occur in the night, when they are very difficult to photograph. Depending on the picture Ning resemble an iceberg, but an increase in their photo ostensibly be considered in more detail.

According to one report, the crew members of the vessel no one watched from the deck of the fact that they initially took for a foreign submarine. But when the ship approached her, it became clear that it is an object of irregular shape, and not artificial. The team considered a living being larger, which quickly disappeared under the water.

Eyewitnesses told to keep quiet?

On the Internet, you can find some pictures ningenov. Some of the images, reconstructed image of the creatures made by artists from eyewitnesses. Two extremely low quality video, which is said to have seen the mysterious inhabitants of Antarctica, have been posted on YouTube. At one of the photo — Ning, taken from a high altitude in the southern Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Namibia.

Underwater, in shallow water, there really seen a huge silhouette rusalkopodobnoy mascara. In general, experts estimate published on the internet pictures as unconvincing. It is possible that high-quality photos or do not exist, or, as some think, the Japanese government keeps it a secret, not wanting to confuse the general public. Proponents of this kind of conspiracy theory also claim that the government is not only very strongly wishes to make public any information about ningenah but ordered to remain silent witnesses.

Of course, to make any definite conclusions until more than premature. It may well be about deliberate falsification, good possibilities of computer program "Photoshop" make it easy to back up "urban legend" the most fantastic photographs. But it is possible that the Japanese were indeed found in the Antarctic waters of unknown giant creatures. And they do not necessarily have to be humanoid, because in the old days, similar to the man people saw, for example, even in the exterior of manta rays, which are sometimes attributed to including the availability of arms. In any case, if the information about the unknown giant cetaceans is confirmed, it will be one of the greatest scientific sensations XXI century.

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