Northern Rivers can not sleep

In most rivers of the Russian North established freezing. However, the thickness of ice in the main does not exceed 10-15 cm in many areas there are large open water, — experts Archangel meteorologist. Unstable weather, with frequent thaws slowed the growth of ice. On the Northern Dvina complete freezing has not occurred in the upper and Delta continue slush and ice drift. "The establishment of ice formation is delayed relative to the previous year and almost the norm for 15 days", — states hydro. Monitoring Arkhangelsk colleagues coincides with the data of Murmansk weather center. "As of December 5, rivers and small lakes there freezing, ice with sagebrush. Ice thickness of alluvial channels of rivers and small lakes of 5-20 cm, 10-20 cm less than the usual observed at this time, "- says the experts.

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