Not everything in a hurry Belarus to Europe

On November 11, the House has considered the ratification of an agreement with Poland on preferential crossing the border by residents of border regions. The Polish side has already completed all the necessary procedures. And now, as they say diplomats, the ball is on the Belarusian side.

MPs to represent the document will be someone of the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. FM spokesman Andrei Savinykh in an interview with "Freedom" refers to the ratification of the agreement on visa-free travel of citizens living in the border areas between Poland and Belarus, "another step towards greater openness and cooperation between the two countries":

"The Belarusian side stands for maximum simplification and the elimination of any visa procedures between Belarus and the European Union. We encourage our European partners to accelerate movement in that direction. From our side we have long been prepared for the promising solutions. We are convinced that this is to simplify the relationship between people and will strengthen European values. "

In Warsaw, the agreement went through all three need to start its operation procedures. The document was signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslaw Sikorski, Parliament ratified, it has a visa and the country's president Bronislaw Komorowski. And all this is done before the summer.

But while the official Minsk limited only signature, which has called the agreement the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Sergei Martynov made it to Warsaw in February. But it is not enough signatures to the agreement was valid.

Presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk my question, that such an agreement could give the residents of border regions

if there is no limit, we're not going to make

Belarus, remembered a story. The members of the initiative group tried to collect signatures for Romanchuk in queues on the border between Belarus and Poland in Brest and Grodno regions. However, when people learned that this candidate stands for Belarus's integration with Europe, they refused to support him. Yaroslav Romanchuk emphasizes:

"In fact, there were people who'd signed up. They said, this is our bread, we make money from it. We earn on cigarettes, vodka, fuel … and if there is no limit, we're not going to earn. They do not think about the fact that hundreds of thousands of people will be easier to go to Poland. And the goods will be different, and the standard of living increases, and the ability for border business will be better. About the same time they are not suppose to. They think only of their own corporate interests. "

The Belarusian parliament is also preparing for the ratification of such agreements with Latvia and Lithuania. Their Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov signed respectively in Riga and Minsk.


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