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Today completed XVII Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad 2010". The main conclusion to Belarus — local filmmakers have not been able to break the sad tradition for themselves. The grand prize for the 17th time in succession went abroad — this time in Germany. Grand Prix "Listopad" was the film "My Happiness". Small consolation may serve is not something that the director and screenwriter tape Sergei Laznitsa born in Baranovichi.

The current expectations of the Belarusian moviegoers were associated with the first in the history of Belarusian Cinema horror film. Returned to the fold "Belarusfilm" director Andrew Kudinenko managed in a limited period of time to remove the "Masakra", but just that, as emphasized by the experts was the cause of talk about the technical imperfections of the picture. Like, for the masterpiece is simply not enough time. Says film critic Alla Bobkov:

"I can say as it took to" kinoshoka "in Anapa, Russian and Ukrainian criticism. This toothy people, all literally "dragon." "Masakra" shown on the first day. Kudinenko at the press conference asked a lot of questions, many things they did not understand, no one knows our history. After watching I was approached by a few critics, saying that this means that … I answered. One perceived with understanding, and the other said, everything is clear, wanted to show what you are rebellious, and you Carbonari run by the Bialowieza Forest. "I, too, revolutionaries". You see, they know nothing of our history. And what is painful for us, for them it's ridiculous … Well, and the results summed Shilov experienced film critic, who noted: it is a positive experience, "Belarusfilm" and the director himself. But this confusion and nyavtsyamnasts. And I agree with her. Although I am completely on the side Kudinenko. "

That for us painfully, for them it's ridiculous.

Even before the official closing of the festival films have won a number of special prizes. Finally decided Belarusians. In the two categories noted the Belarusian-Polish "Dnyuka" Andrew Kutilo andAlexander Nalivayko, filmed for the TV channel "Belsat": for best documentary film in the opinion of critics, as well as in the opinion of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers.

The award of the Executive Committee of the CIS "Cinema Without Borders" — in the Kyrgyz film "Thief of Light." Based broadcasting company "Peace" prize "Language Film — language understanding" condemned the Georgian film "Resident."

Spetspryz "Beltelekom" received the Venezuelan film "Brother." Also noted filmmakers UK, Russia, Belgium. With officials of the Ministry of Culture noted that the level of Ming Festival is growing rapidly.

However, the People's Artist of the USSR Rostislav Jankowski, who after 16 years at the helm, "Listopad" this year passed the baton to the administrator Honored Artist of Belarus Gennady Davydko, states: the organization of the festival Namagan greater efforts. So, this week visited Minsk just two iconic people of the world cinema — Italian actress Ornella Muti and Serbian director Emir Kusturica. The cost of taking them commensurate with the budget that "eat" all the other guests. One only Muti spent more than 50,000 dollars.

All you need to pay, pay and pay.

Rostislav Jankowski"What will come of this festival — I do not know. But I believe that, perhaps, he will still remain good. Now, however, he had already Minsk International and, therefore, everything has become very expensive. Need to pay for the paintings, the fare there and back, too. All you need to pay, pay and pay. Even the actors coming, demanding money, you know the past it was easier in the sense that I have always been on "Kinotavr" at the festival in his brother Oleg Jankowski, looked there pictures , met with the actors, and then come and invite those who saw fit. And all answered, of course, come what issues? We pay them to the road, hotel, meals, but they came out on stage for the case. Rather, for applause, for a warm welcome. extra money for the mere fact of arrival no one was paying. Now you have to pay for everything and everywhere, it has become much more expensive. "

Director Vyacheslav Nikiforov believes that the expected success of the Belarusian film industry after years of stagnation, it is hardly worth. Many creators, like himself, finding an understanding with the leadership "Belarusfilm", found a job in Russia. Others have left the profession altogether, as disillusioned with the prospects of the Belarusian film industry. In the situation prevailing in the once exemplary Belarusian film school director sees serious failings on the part of the officials responsible for the industry:

"No, I do not think it's dramatic in human scale. Because in the general sense — as you can see from my example — I finally received an offer, I'm desperate to wait for work. On Channel One Russia probably remember my previous film adaptation, but in principle, this situation means that I myself should have been more alive: to travel, hang out somewhere. There's obviously young directors, actors do. That is completely impossible chasm. But the fact is that, in this context, we are talking primarily about our Belarusian cinema, on our staff. About our officials and guardians of our Ministry of Culture. And, unfortunately, we only see the negative consequences of the process that is still ongoing. In other words, if your home cinema to focus not notice. "

Meanwhile, the focus on "Falling Leaves" in Belarus made solid. First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Krichevsky bluntly: do not have time to finish this year's festival, it automatically starts working on the next one. This means of Belarusians once again be glad to Grand Prix.



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