Oddly cover — the result of well-known and so zagaddya

Mr."In this situation, and so everything is clear who will be president. So here anyway, as no cover — the result, and so zagaddya known."

"To be honest I look pretty rare television, rarely read newspapers. So I can not answer the question, just do not put such a goal. Know the main events of the company, but not focus on that."

Mrs."I believe that the media is very little information on the campaign. Example, do not know any of the candidates but Lukashenko. Only his show in the state media."

"If the petition was conducted in Brest were pickets, then I learned a lot more about alternative candidates than through the media. Pickets And now there is no information and no."

Man: "I treat this with a big grain of salt. Believe that the government will deal without me."

Man: "It's just once and read the newspaper. I spend a week on business trips, just go home for the weekend, but the more time I spend with my family than TV or newspapers."

"To be honest, and I can not answer this question, I have poor eyesight, so very little reading. As for the radio — that often speaks of the election campaign."

"The media is very much information about the election, I believe that there is good and objective information."

Man: "Non-state media and a lot of good writing about the election. As for the government — that there is only nonsense about the election. Emphasis there — the loud voice of the great successes. Comes to TV — there is only one person, as always. A radio I do not listen. "

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