Officials and the Belarusian language

A broad resonance caused by the message that the Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro suggested officials to use in the work of the Belarusian language and started to conduct the meeting in Belarusian. Some local vertikalschika and previously played with the likes of the initiatives proposed partial Belarusization in their departments. What ended the initiatives?

Vitebsk Region

"In the Deep last year officials gave answers in Belarusian, now no longer"

Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Kosinets publicly announced that in 2012 the Belarusian Written Language Day will be held in the district center deep. However, he demanded that the officials have already started training. The head of the area, however, not a word is said to increase the level of native language. Local officials do not enjoy it at all and it is unknown how they will meet the guests of the festival.

Glubokskiy local historian Vladimir Skrabatun comments on the decision to spend the holiday of Belarusian Written Language in the Deep:

"I am an absolute opponent of the Deep in this celebration. Because the city did not deserve! There will be a one-time investment of money, to patch holes in the asphalt, organize sale of souvenirs … And there is no formation of the Belarusian historical monuments destroyed., And I'm still here people addressed to the executive committee with some statements in Belarusian, then last year we were in Belarusian and answered. And now — no! None of Belarusian in their souls! "

To force officials to write in Belarusian activist Leonid Gorova of the Borough tried to initiate an administrative case for violation of the Law on languages.

"Recent history has occurred during local election campaigns. District Election Commission wrote to me the answers in Russian, and then had to go to the executive committee to initiate an administrative proceeding. Since then, I have written the answers in Belarusian.

Chairman of the Regional Council of the Belarusian Language Society Joseph Navumchyk mentioned several cases heard speeches by Belarusian President Alexander Kosinets Executive Committee:

"It was a speech to veterans on the eve of July 3 and on the" Slavonic Bazaar ". Unfortunately, it rarely uses the native language. Possess the Belarusian language and some others, the same Mikhail Kuzmich, the chief ideological department of the regional executive committee, but ignores it. Generally, most officials executive committee, I can say, belongs to the Belarusian language friendly. I think you need to in Belarusian talking in Minsk, at the state level. And it would be an example. And while there is no such example. "

And the personal commitment of the Belarusian language show officials are unwilling or afraid, says the chairman of the Vitebsk glad TBM Joseph Navumchyk.

Grodno region

"We'll wait, will for the first statement Semyon Shapiro also other"

Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro started a meeting in the Belarusian language and encouraged its employees also use the Belarusian language.

It is too early to talk about the possible outcome of the fact that the chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, Mr. Shapiro spoke in support of the Belarusian language. Could this be some kind of tangible, solid results? Says head of the regional branch of the BPF Sergei Boy:

"It may have some fruit, which results, for the simple reason that we do not have any problem with the Belarusian language in the country. And if someone says that he does not understand it, one simply says about his reluctance. I stand on position that as soon as the head of state to speak in the Belarusian language, just half of the bureaucracy will speak Belarusian. "

Once Grodno City Executive Committee headed Domash, his deputy was Milinkevich. Later Domash ran the Grodno region. Under these state leaders of the Belarusian language is constantly improving. Sergei boy, however, said that later they were both in the ranks of the opposition:

"One and the other presidential candidates were — in 2001 and 2006. Just if these people came to power in the country, I am absolutely convinced that the country would have said the Belarusian language and no problems with the language would not be here. "

Cases return of the Belarusian language in the Grodno happened before

The Belarusian language in the government offices in Grodno now rather casual visitor. However, some people who were in power in the early 90s, believe that language back without too much difficulty.

The initiative of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Chairman Semyon Shapiro about the return of the Belarusian language in government offices, to meetings spread over the area very quickly. Who did not have to say — all have heard about it.

Volkovyssky entrepreneur Nikolai Kovalchuk, who in the mid-90s led the district council, says the return to power of the Belarusian language as most of the light:

"I worked two women: one nationality — Ukrainian, another — Russian. So they began to prepare the very first paper in Belarusian. District council session was held in Belarusian. All the time so spent, but speakers also tried to speak only in Belarusian . "

Mr. Kovalchuk says that the chairman of the executive committee and has always acted in the Belarusian language, despite the fact that sometimes it is not very successful. Now Vawkavysk Belarusian language was left at the bus station, when announcing the departure and arrival of the bus.

"When people start saying then, that was not something people have such a negative. Everything went smoothly and easily, nobody really noticed any problems," says Nikolai Kovalchuk.

Stanislaw Sudnik from Lida says that now they have the executive committee, if zvyartaessya orally or in writing in Belarusian officials are also responsible in Belarusian.

Chairman of the executive committee of the Lida often practiced performances in Belarusian. Stanislaw Sudnik believes that the return to power of the Belarusian language need only order from the top:

"When coming from Minsk sculptors and had a meeting in the executive committee, they brought the model of the monument GEDIMINO. Were present chairman of the executive committee, all his deputies. Fully meeting was held in the Belarusian language. We do not have this problem, it is enough green whistle from Grodno — and start talking" .


The region ends Year of the Belarusian language

In Mogilev in 2010 called the year of the official sources of the Belarusian language. A comprehensive plan to promote it approved at the end of 2009, the Chairman Executive Committee Piotr Rudnik.

A comprehensive plan to develop special commission set up by the ideology of the executive committee. This order gave Petr Rudnik. Responsible for its implementation, except for the ideology department, departments of culture and education executive.

In the ideology department of the Executive Committee shall refrain from opinions. They say that will sum up at the end of the year.

"The fact that this complex is already there, stir up some thoughts — this is a good sign. Some steps forward there. We are not standing still. Excite these thoughts. Outgoing messages. They have to pay attention to it, do not even want all is forced to, "said an employee of the council Jeanne Dmitrieva.

In the first paragraph of the plan states that public officials, civil society organizations should promote the use of the Belarusian language and promote it. Among the items is lis
ted and increase the level of knowledge of the language by officials.

Officials to help bring back into the public life of the national language of Belarusians was taken Mogilev activist Michael Bulavatsky. He sent a letter to the mine with concrete proposals. The answer was not very pleased:

"In this letter I felt no pain for the fate of the language. Paradnasts I do not like. Everything is good, the language evolves." Forty percent of Belarusian schools in Mogilev region. "Brag's forty percent of these schools do not make sense. These small schools, rural. These schools teach the language so that it would be better not taught at all. Teachers with students in the Belarusian language is not spoken, and Lessons said in broken English. "

Official sources mention the year of the Belarusian language in the Mogilev region only when some kind of educational institution to conduct appropriate activities. Frequently reported are served, says Michael Bulavatsky, in full uniform.

Peter himself mine last spoke publicly in Belarusian in March on Constitution Day.

All 2010 City Council officials have lived next to the year of the Belarusian language. Propaganda banner in front of the city hall.

Belarusian word not for election ads. Most of them are Russian-speaking.

Stretching from the Russian-language executive committee usual.


Officials in the region are mainly Russian-speaking

Compared with other regions of Brest, even according to the officials themselves, looks one of the most Russian cities. In Brest, only a few officials use the Belarusian language at work.

Rogochuk Alexander, head of the Moscow Administration of Brest, after the transfer of management ideology executive committee said, in effect, that will encourage their employees to use the Belarusian language at work. However, the receptionist told "Freedom" responded in Russian:

"We are all responsible in Russian. Call us and ask questions in Russian, and we are also responsible. And you're the first one who came to us in the Belarusian language."

Word of the head of administration of the Moscow district of Brest on the introduction of the Belarusian language in the council have so far remained words. Meetings are held in Russian. However, in a building can change the signs, but only after the repair, says managing director of administration, Sergei Tymoshchuk:

"Today, all the paperwork is with us in Russian, as the country's bilingualism. When Alexander Stepanovich (Rogachuk) said he would do it gradually, over time, the situation will change. Regarding signage — so, he remarked about it. But while changes was not. repair We were not, so signs remained the same. "

Activist TBM F. Skaryna in Brest Irina Lavrovskaya said that while no change in the Moscow Administration of the Belarusian language is not noticeable:

"I have not seen or heard anyone moved into Belarusian. Yet did not see it. I'm just a few days ago there was the tax office. Rogachuk A general when working ideologue, he personally introduced me to the list of destructive elements . "

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