Oil spill found on the Angara River in Irkutsk region

Oil slick width of three to four meters and a length of up to four miles along the right bank of the ducts curve found in the waters of the Angara River, said the administration Angarsk municipality.

"Presumably, the spot was formed as a result of the self-propelled barges and dredges, leading in the area of gravel extraction. Around barge oil spill is a diameter of about 100 meters. Distributed by district characteristic twang of refined petroleum products," — says the administration MO.

According to the MOE, the threat to the water supply of petroleum products hit Angarsk not exist, as contamination is below the intake of the river. Information about the spill was immediately transferred to the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) EMERCOM Russia's Irkutsk region and the authorities of the Irkutsk region. Rospotrebnadzor experts took water samples for analysis. The results showed an excess of harmful substances in the water in the half.

District authorities also say that pollution is an urgent need to locate and then eliminate, while the oil slick is in the channel, where there is little current. But if the water level rises in the hangar, oil will get into the mainstream of the river, where the river water intakes are Usolye Siberian and villages Usolye district.

Installed on the site of the spill barrage booms, absorbent stain slept. About the oil spill in the ISU "Service AMO for Civil Defense and Emergencies" administration Angarsk municipality reported by fishermen. To survey the territory left committee, consisting of experts Administration AMO, GIMS and Rospotrebnadzor in Angarsk and Angarsk region.

In late April, a local oil pipeline FSI "Combine Rosrezerva Baikal" was found illegal Box. She was in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir stormwater Ltd. "Usolyechimprom" — that is on it more than 300 tons of oil got into the Angara. As a result, without clean water from the water for nearly a week were more than 77 thousand inhabitants Cheremkhovo district of Irkutsk region. Rosprirodnadzor assessed the damage from getting oil into the Angara to 510.7 million rubles.

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