Ominous clouds abductions

April 1, 2012 18:33

Sometimes in the sky meets a mysterious cloud of strange shapes, not like the usual. How to assure the witnesses, sometimes they are different "reasonable" behavior and even show aggression toward humans. Scientists believe that this is a freak of nature, and ufologists associated with the UFO phenomenon. But no one can answer the question of what it is.

So, March 22, 2006 the crew of an English ship «Lady of the Lake» watch the clouds, is one area that is divided into four parts, and move across the sky to intercept the other clouds, that is, against the wind. In the eyes of sailors object up to 80 degrees above the horizon and with the distance of the vehicle from the place gradually disappeared.

Amateur Photographer Avo Siim while traveling on a motorcycle took a picture of the wind turbine in Virtsu (Estonia) strange cloud that looked like a pump for an inflatable mattress. Only later, looking at pictures on the computer, he found on one of the disc-shaped object. Avo was very surprised, because before that did not believe in any "flying saucers." He showed pictures of several specialists. One of them, Igor ufologist Wolke, said they captured just a physical object, rather than a natural or atmospheric phenomenon.

According to experts on the paranormal, such clouds can be dangerous for people. One such episode was in April 1985. The observer returned about 17 pm from the country below the Istria. He was going to go to the city by bus, but without waiting for him on foot. Passing under the overpass, the man heard a loud metallic sound and clicks. At the same moment he was seized by an inexplicable fear. There was not a soul … all was quiet voice, as incomprehensible ominous rattle. Then he began to walk away rattle somewhere right … Finally the man was able to see its source. At the site near the route lay (it was on the ground, not hanging in the air) dense white cloud with a diameter of about 30 meters and a height of about 10 meters. Above it could be seen the tops of the firs … According to an eyewitness, the cloud was like a living, it stirred. After a while he turned back — a cloud disappeared. With him gone and a terrible sound …

And in September 1989, with an eerie phenomenon happened to encounter and researcher of anomalous phenomena Vitaly Kosinova. Gathering nuts in the forest, he suddenly felt the someone's gaze. There was nobody around, but Vitali seized with a feeling of intense fear, even his hair stand on end …

He looked up. A few meters from the ground hung a dark gray cloud in the form of a vertical column … He heard a strange noise, like bird's wings flapping, and the crackling wood, but no birds, no breaking of branches could not see … cloud slowly rose up and stood still. Kosinov felt that he could not get off the ground, his legs would not support him, and he was exhausted and fell to his knees.

Somehow, he knew that the cloud wants to take it, and mentally began to resist. The body ran a small electric current, object whistled sharply jumped up and flew away. By Kosinova immediately returned normal health.

Another amazing story is January 17, 1999 with the Cuban fishing bot "Lucia." Early in the morning the ship left the port of Santiago, in the open sea, the fishing of tuna and mackerel. Throwing his net in the water, the nine members of the crew to do their business. Assistant skipper, 39-year-old Joaquin Son that was on watch.

Suddenly, in the south-west there was a dark cloud of lead flat as a pancake shape. She was rapidly approaching the ship. There was something eerie, unnatural. People feel fear. They lifted up his eyes and began to look at the strange phenomenon. It soon became clear that it was not a cloud! Object fell over the water and began to suck in shoal of mackerel. He swelled right before your eyes petrified observers. Having seen that they are in danger, the mechanic tried to start the engine, but it was too late — the "cloud" hovering over the ship.

Saved only watch Joaquin Son-then 13-year-old cook Peep Manolo. As later told Joaquin, an unknown force pushed him to the galley, where there was Pip. From there, they saw the terrible "cloud" like a vacuum cleaner, draws in their comrades who remained on deck. At the same boat shook as if in a storm. Suddenly everything was flooded with orange and jerks with Joaquin Pipom lost consciousness …

Offering the people, they immediately leave with their booty

When the Son is awake, the boy is still lying around in a dead faint. The vessel was dead silence. Once aboard, Joaquin found that the whole team was gone. Start the engine, he turned "Lucia" to the bank …

His story no one would believe, but no one could answer the question of what happened to the rest of the fishermen — because they do not come back! A man and a boy to the psychiatric hospital. Two months later Joaquin Son is released therefrom, and Peep Manolo and remained in the hospital room — since that fateful day, he completely lost his voice and mind of the horror …

Margarita Trinity

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