On election — write about the candidates — silent

Today in the regions of Belarus issued 13 non-political publications. State newspapers — ten times more. As they both cover the electoral campaign?

Vitebsk Region

Even the candidates wrote only independent weekly

Vitebsk newspapers — regional "National word" and "Vitebsk worker" and the city "Vitbichi" — only to inform readers about a particular stage of the election campaign. No details on how the collection of signatures for the candidates, who heads the headquarters of the initiative groups, where there are places for some agitation, the state media do not print. Clarifies Bronislaw Stankevich.

Exceptions were only the latest numbers: In the "Vitbich" printed a large amount of material on the results of signature verification, and the "Vitebsk working" on the same subject published an article "Prydvinski Pravalski failure." According to local human rights activists, the name of the article is incorrect: while the Central Election Commission did not deny the Vitebsk potential candidate's candidacy, no one has the right to say whether there was a failure of his initiative to take part in the elections.

Human rights activist Leonid Svetsik believes that readers of newspapers Vitebsk, in fact, deprived of the opportunity to learn the news of the election campaign in the region:

"If a person wants to find something on the election in Vitebsk papers, then nothing will. They are silent, or at least give

If a person wants to find something on the election in Vitebsk papers, then nothing will.

information. If you see the electronic version of the local newspapers, it may be noted that some of the show that is the election campaign. Thus, in the newspaper "The Voice Sennenshchyny" published materials not only on elections across the country, but also about what is happening in Syanno and Syanno district. "

According to Leonid Svetsik from all newspapers in Vitebsk region only newspaper "The Voice Sennenshchyny" mark the coordinates of the headquarters of the initiative group of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The human rights activist also draws attention to the fact that this material has caused a lot of comments on the web page: Readers outraged why the media is no information about other opposition candidates.

On these candidates can be read except in the independent newspaper "Vitebsk Courier." Since the beginning of the election campaign came here to interview potential candidates who talked about themselves and their programs, says editor-in-chief Vadim Barshcheuski:

"We did an interview with most of the potential candidates, except Borisov Haidukevich, Kulikova, Ivanov and Lukashenko, who has not responded to our letter. Both were materials, for example, the formation of commissions. With one of the all copies of such materials the newspaper was confiscated. This was the stuff of the Court: as it turned out on the course, the regional commission formed three people. Everyone else just voted if they read out the list. "

Vadim Barshcheuski notes that the confiscation of the newspaper for transport — but printed "Vitebsk Courier" in Smolensk — occur just during election campaigns. Therefore, under threat — each following number:

"Such material in the latest issue — as has already been made the district commissions, as there did not get the man who has collected 153 signatures for nomination, and took someone who did not even have 10 signatures. Yet we printed materials about our Vitebsk candidates Ryzhov and Pravalski . And to this we still go back, because they are ours, and also do not mind talking about it all with the readers. "

Despite the fact that the "Vitebsk Courier" — a weekly newspaper, and the state of the newspaper published three times a week, an independent publication ahead of them in the reporting of election events. Thus, the refusal by Sergey Ryzhov Vitebsk state run media have told only a week after his statements, and the reasons, among them the lack of freedom of speech, according to Mr. Ryzhov, — not written at all.


Monitoring coverage of human rights defenders are

In state newspapers Mogilev own little material about the election.

Monitoring media coverage of election campaigns in the media in the region are local human rights activists. According to them, the state media pay more attention to reprint posts on the election of the news agencies and electoral commissions. Own data views.

State press illuminates the eyes of the state and the authorities are not interested in excessive mainstreaming elections.

"State press illuminates the eyes of the state and the authorities are not interested in excessive mainstreaming elections. They are very much attention is given to the topic of so-called All-Belarusian People's Assembly. There is a substitution of concepts in the minds of readers that he was perceived as an event type of election, and thus the importance of election is devalued, "- said the human rights activist Alexei Kolchin.

In the state editions are justified: print what we think is necessary. In the official press of the region there are also exceptions. For example, in a newspaper Bobruisk City Executive Committee "Bobruisk life" a lot of the author's publications on the topic of elections. In opposition surrounded Bobruisk edition is scandalous. This year, community activist Sergei Antonovich pleaded with him for the election date, which humiliated him. Defeat was not possible. Newspaper editor Alexander Kozak states that the purpose of insulting the opposition publication is not intended:

"We are responding to those of interest to us. This feature of the newspaper, which has the status of social and political. We try to keep more local materials."

More election materials — in non-papers. They are, however, some in the region. One of them — Krichevsky "Free City". Editor Sergei Uneven notes that the newspaper is trying to give as much as possible an objective picture of the elections:

"Writing, particularly with regard to violations of election laws that the opposition does not include the district and precinct election commissions. How was the collection of signatures, whether government pressure on it. Here is, of course, reprints of interesting articles from other media"


"Least newspaper writes about the election of the local executive committee"

Observers of the election campaign in the Grodno region has low interest of the local media to the topic.

Vladimir Khilmanovich, which directly monitors the coverage of the election campaign in the regional media, primarily draws attention to the fact that in the Grodno region was only one independent newspaper. And, he said, it follows and features coverage of the topic of elections.

Khilmanovich: "Least writes about the elections, oddly enough, the regional newspaper" Grodno truth. "It either glossed over entire stages of the company, or the information is limited to short news reports of government agencies."

Local newspaper "Perspective," in which the election is given more space theme, according to Vladimir Khilmanovich, that on Friday, when it contains information about the campaign, almost misses the kiosks.

And in the local newspaper "Evening Grodno" as noted by an observer in the articles on the subject of electoral allow gross inaccuracies.

region is the only independent newspaper "Gazeta Slonim," which attempts, according to a local activist Ivan Sheha, provide space on their pages to all the participants of the election campaign.

Sheha: "From time to time there are placed materials in the form of specific leaflets, reasoning statements. Here, for example, in the last issue published a letter by veterans, which strongly opposed the position of Gregory Kastusiou. Discussion is there."

As for state rayonki and local television, then, from the words of Ivan Sheha there — full positive.

Similar examples lead observers from other parts of the region: in the local newspapers, except for the mean messages about establishing a committee does not say anything, but praised the policy of the authorities. That's what this says about the observer from Smorgon Ales Dergachov.

Dergachov "drawn their development prospects of the region, as well as the preparation of notes (for two rooms in a row) to a national assembly, which inspired labor groups and delegates perceive it and what hope is for this meeting."


"On election is very little information as if they will not be"

At Brest private editions provide information on elections much more than state-run media. But that's not enough, journalists believe.

Deputy Chief Editor of "Brest newspaper" Jeanne Sidoruk notes, as in the past, and now there is a separation of journalists on state and private media. The last is much more difficult to get on the official event information.

Someone regularly talks about the candidates who are virtually ignored this topic.

"Information on the election was more in the public media. But I think that this is quite insufficient, since the time before the election, there is very little. Regarding non-state media, then they are very divided. Someone regularly talks about the candidates who virtually ignores the subject. "

Local authorities are usually invited to official events of journalists of independent media, but when it comes to the election campaign, then there is no room and reporters, said Ales White, deputy editor of the newspaper "Intex-Press":

"Generally, the election theme in the pages of state newspapers glossed over. At best, the cost of the newspaper reprint. Makes references, in which it is written," based on the national press "when it comes to elections. More link in Baranovichy government publications than their printed materials. Though sometimes and articles are signed by the ideology department of the mountains or the District Executive Committee. "

Non-government publications are trying to write about during the campaign, to inform on potential candidates, the timing of the company, said the White Ales.

Also working in the region and non-state "newspaper for you," said the deputy editor Paul Doylid. But local regional newspaper pays more attention to the Belarusian Assembly than the election campaign:

"Ivatsevichsky rayonka reduce writes minimum. Just what should write. And there is no information articles. Now write more about All-Belarusian Assembly and the election is actually very little information as if they, and not at all."

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