On Pinskdrev hung a plaque in memory of the victims

In the Security Council to discuss the causes of the accident on the union "Pinsk Wood", which killed 14 people, but the results are not reported.

According to an employee of the Security Council, who asked not to be named, cause of the accident to "Pinskdrev" should inform the special committee, which worked in Pinsk after the accident on October 25. About the conclusions that the Security Council will be announced later.

Meanwhile become known to more and more details and circumstances of both the crash and the current situation in the chipboard factory where the explosion occurred.

Various sources agree that the first explosion occurred at the site for the manufacture of piletah — pellets of sawdust, which is burned in boilers. But why the explosion in this area gave rise to an explosion and fire all over the shop chipboard?

My interlocutor Nicholas met with those who work at "Pinskdrev" and asked it this issue. According to them, the first bomb exploded oil boilers, which provide compression in the manufacture of particle board. But these explosions could would be prevented if to "Pinskdrev" is not saved on the necessary defense of boilers, the source said.

"He said he did not fire protection oil boilers. Work was to protect the boiler, but it was not, so there was a so-called surge.

Work was to protect the boiler, but it was not, so there was a so-called surge.

As a result, the second explosion took off just four of the boiler. "

According to this source, directly from the explosion and destruction, killing about 20 people. Ostensibly evening of October 25, "a lot of dead bodies in bags" people have seen on the premises. This version, however, is contrary to official reports. In the first official information about the friend said the victim, by the end of the day the death toll has reached to three, according toincluding increased at the expense of victims died in hospitals and stopped on the figure of the fourteenth

Alain Kozyura, daughter of the deceased Gennady Kozyura operator who has worked at the facility of choice piletah confirms that up to now there are rumors of a large number of the dead:

"I also heard that there were more deaths. Somehow or not, who will tell the truth: nothing is still unknown."

On the causes of the accident Alain Kozyura certain versions do not have, but says that the building was an old plant, built in 1917, with a mid-60s building emergency acknowledged: "No wonder he emerged from the explosion, as a casket."

By Helen Kozyura already begun work on the construction on the site of the new building:

"They said that this workshop will be restored, as the profit was very good. Today, I came back and saw that hung at the entrance to the memorial plate names. And based on two rosettes and two gvazdichki. And she looked to where the workshop was: there's something began to build. "

Alain Kozyura said in Pinsk, a lot of people are waiting to official results of the commission of inquiry into the explosion at the association "Pinsk Wood", and the lack of official information gives rise to new rumors.


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