On the Japanese city of Sapporo attacked bears

The police of the Japanese city of Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, one day received 11 reports from witnesses about the appearance of the streets wild bears, according to RIA Novosti. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a brown bear and in residential areas. Police are patrolling.

Scientists believe the appearance of bears in the city due to lack of basic food in the mountains. This forced the animals to seek food near human habitation. Despite the frequent visits of predators in the city and its surroundings, information about victims or destructions.
Last autumn in Japan recorded repeated occurrence of bears, and attacks on people. Then the animals remain within the countryside and did not dare to approach the city.

Earlier it was reported that in late September in Kamchatka bear was spotted. The city announced the danger which may be subject to its residents because of the appearance in the brown bear. Bruin seen in a forest in the southern part of the city next to the kindergarten "clove." Notified when the predator came to the rescue in the morning on September 23. Eyewitnesses reported that they saw the bear near a kindergarten. Kindergarten is situated on the hill, which is adjacent to the forest. Most likely, the bear appeared and again went into the forest.

Recall that on Kamchatka meeting people with brown bears occurs quite often. The population of these animals on the peninsula is about 18 thousand. Every year on the peninsula, there have been a bear attack on the people they end up including fatal to humans. In 2011, from the attack of the brown bear has killed two people. According to hunters, this year on the peninsula had to shoot about 30 aggressive bears. This is the highest number in the last four years. Last Bruin came to the city three years ago.

In addition, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on September 12 liquidated bears are a threat to people. It turned out that clumsy interested mess. He was born in the past year, the female does not care about his food, and he had the most to produce food. On that day, game wardens chased the bear, but on September 12 he returned. The animal had to be liquidated. Rather, toed out to the street from the upstream forest. Meeting people with clumsy this year increased, since very little food, rose water in the rivers. But soon the bears go into hibernation, they need to accumulate fat. So they go to the dump.

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