Or close a factory in Olkhovka?

At the district meeting to nominate candidates for the Fourth All-Belarusian Assembly Executive Committee Chairman Ostrovetsky Kovalko Adam told the crowd that is going to close Olkhovka cardboard and paper mill due to the fact that it is unprofitable. For factory workers such announcement came as a surprise.

Immediately people started to collect signatures to the head of the field and Bellesbumprom concern with the fact that they explained the situation to the possible closure of the factory, as it is the only one in their town Olhovka company that runs the majority of the inhabitants.

October 8 was recalled from leave the factory director Rostislav Brazinski, and at the factory held a meeting, attended by a representative of the executive committee. Here that says pratsavniutsav one of which is collecting signatures to superiors.

Mrs."The representative of the executive committee explained that Kovalkov misunderstood. They say that the closure of the factory, he did not say, but the language was carried out that if they build a nuclear power station, their factory rebuilt to a sanatorium for 1000. "

Here, all loans are taken, people are sitting on the credits, because wages are small.

However, it is very scared of people, and have to date on the letter to the leadership of Executive Committee and Group collected more than 100 signatures in order to explain to people all the same exact fate of the factory. Here's how it argues lady, that collects signatures.

Mrs."Here we all loans are taken, people are sitting on loans as small salary. The average is 600,000, and if you take the job, then a total of 400 thousand. "

The second Mrs. adds that another of their town for so many people simply do not have:

"We have much more there is no work, we have only the factory, even there is no collective, and all the people working in the factory."

Oct. 8 at a meeting of many struck by the fact that Kovalkov not come himself to say that he was allegedly misunderstood, and sent an envoy. Many people think that their factory can hold only up to the elections, as was her fate might be different.

Mr."What they want to do? Bankrupt, then to someone else to sell for slightly more than! And the whole song here, probably because it is. "

To reach the factory management did not succeed, the director of a vacation, smaller positions were afraid to say anything.


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