Our ancestors communicated telepathically

Russian Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible was posthumous name — Movosol for being introduced in Russia in the use of sound language between people (compared to other Russian "mova" — language or "utter" — to speak). On the audio language communicated before only to the gods. Suppress confirm that our ancestors spoke telepathic language are preserved in Russian cognates: "eye" and "voice" (voice), indicating that the initial ABILITY telepathic language: first image, then sound. The proximity of the sound of the word "gal-do" and "look" indicate that "look" before signified communication through the eyes, or "prove" (show) and "say."
Reform Orthodoxy Movosolom broke society into two camps: the Gentiles (use either audio language as a means of communication) and Germans (ie dumb) remaining faithful ones-lepaticheskomu language. In other countries, paganism reigned long before. Both terms (Germans and Gentiles) still have a negative color. Defeated the pagans, because we continue to use the audio language is to communicate with the gods, and to talk to each other.
The essence of Grozny reform of our faith is that from now on prayer and one of the major mysteries of Orthodoxy — confession, was to be made not on telepatiche-Soviet, and the audio version. In the past, audio language owned mostly priests. The fact that the prayer was not associated with sound language, the root of the word — and one mole-nokorennye words: Malev, painter, easel, ie mole or, as they say, prayer, have been associated with the transmission of images. Moreover, the prayer means not asking the Lord for any handouts, and praise and worship God through mental images.

After the reform of the Orthodox faith, to facilitate the task, people forced to teach sound language to their babies, which, of course, very quickly mastered it, and eventually lost telepathy. Sound, unlike light, is in our auditory receptor-tures too much potential, and associate it with the concept (ie, the formation of the second and third signal systems) leads to the appearance in the brain of a stable dominant (excitation center, which has a high electrical potential ). According to the opening of the Russian scientist and physiologist AA Ukhtomskii dominant suppresses all weaker signals, post-Payuschie the brain (the phenomenon of irradiation). As a result, there was a loss of human creative thinking and hung wide range of perception by the senses of the variety of the world. Today man sees a range of hearing from 50 to 20,000 hertz, while dolphins and bats perceive from 6 to 70,000 and up to 200,000 Hz, respectively. This is not due to different structure of cochlea (which is almost the same as in humans), and the opportunity for the same strings snail is perceived multiple different variations of higher frequencies: 40 000 Hz, 80 000, 120 000, and so etc. Inaudible to the human ear high, multiple frequencies also cause fluctuations in the cochlea, but have a low potential impact on the brain than the audible sound wave physics came to swirl, and therefore are inaudible to the sound mind.
The same principle is sound effects of consciousness on the human brain has occurred off the ranges of vision and smell. Cats and dogs are able to see the infrared light (night vision) and see in the ultraviolet range, again, not flow mu, that they have a different structure of the eye, it is the same as in humans, but because of their presence sound language, and all the signals from the photoreceptors are not suppressed sound mind. And about the sense of smell and can not speak, the man is practically absent and is not in any way be compared with the sense of smell of any animal. Smells are known to be emotional. Without the sense of smell becomes unreal world, odorless items odorless images, odorless events — everything that happens is the TV screen — unreal and gray.
Preserved in the Russian language a dozen verbs associated with the function of view, it shows not synonymous, and the introduction of an alien culture that led the person to ut-rate their previous abilities, above all, of these forms of vision is to look, wonder (see), shoot (eyes), drill (eyes) seemed to know, look, okaemit, dyvitsya, mature — they all mean different forms of vision. I specially arranged them in order of Russian account (number, two, three, fourth), it was clear that all of these forms of vision is not identical. It is no accident in a person's brain is three centers, bound vision, unlike the other senses.
Cossacks got its name because it opposed paganism, destroys the ability of the fine — it seemed that read and see akazity — the fifth form telepatiche-ray vision. Compare "prove" that is show and tell, that is, speak.
Origin of the word "hide" is still no convincing explanation, but from the point of view of the above, it becomes clear that the Cossacks longest classes exerts resistance to being injected into human society and paganism continued to "ka-show" and not speak. The ability for telepathic communication they remained until the Revolution, because of the Cossacks was widely molchalnichestvo (the characteristic and required for early Christian saints feat). Revolution abolished the adult population of the Cossacks, and the children brought up in children's homes, where they quickly learn how to use speech for other purposes.

Vladimir Shemshuk

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