Over four thousand people Fukushima got more normal annual radiation

Over 4 thousand residents of areas around the plant "Fukushima-1" after the accident in the past year have been exposed to radiation more than the annual norm. These are the findings of radiological examination, which is now at the initiative of the local authorities carried out by experts of Fukushima Medical University.

The first examination were residents of the settlements immediately adjacent to the 20-kilometer evacuation zone around the "Fukushima-1". As it turned out, the radiation dose is higher than normal during the first four months after the accident, received a total of 9747 people. Exposure to 5636 of them was less than 1 mSv / mSv /, which is an annual rate. Another 4,111 people were exposed to radiation above 1 mSv. The highest of the observed data is 23 mSv.

Prefectural authorities also conducted a radiological survey participants emergency work at the station. Among emergency 95 people were exposed above 10 mSv with the highest score of 47.2 mSv.

"All of the surveyed exposure below 100 mSv, the risk of cancer they have not increased," — said at a press conference, Deputy Rector of Medical University of Fukushima Syuniti Yamashita.

Earlier, the government of Fukushima reported that after the accident at the nuclear power plant is going for at least 30 years to track changes in the health of people in the prefecture, according to ITAR-TASS.


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